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Well, progress is being made on moving into my new studio! -Although right now it's at the stage of looking like a craft store exploded and I almost want to quit, I will preserver through the chaos and focus on what I hope it will look like, and most importantly function like when it's finished.

As I began to clean out my temporary art cart that I used when we were in temporary housing, I gathered my Project Life supplies and the current working binder I'm using (I'll switch everything over to a pretty black scrapbook that will match my other scrapbooks when I'm finished working on it.) and decided to stick them all in the Stanley Fat Max art cart.

Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 1


Here's a quick Instagram video I did of how it is functioning...


I love that this cart has so many built in sections and dividers and that it also has some extra dividers you can add in if you need them.  I'll show you each section, starting with the top of the cart and work my way down so you can see how much storage space it has.

Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 2

Layer 1 has a tray that can be lifted out and then there's a lot of room under it for storage. The top tray I'm using for miscellaneous tools, adhesives, etc. I'm storing my 4" x 6" cards, doodads, and mini alphabets in the hidden storage.
Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 2


Layer 2, the middle section, is where I'm keeping my 3" x 4" cards. I have them separated in rows by journaling lines, grid, and designed cards.
Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 2


Layer 3, the bottom layer, is big enough to hold my working album, 12" x 12" papers, extra plastics, and plenty of ephemera! 
Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 2


I think this will be perfect to keep downstairs so I can work on Project Life while watching TV and then since it has wheels I can take it to crops too. It's my perfect organization solution!


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Traveling With Art Supplies When Moving To A New Home

As I'm settling into our new home I was reminded that a lot of you have been wondering about the awesome storage solution I was using during our transition from out old home ----> to our temporary place and ----> to our new home.  Yeah, you read that right, we moved twice.  Not so fun!

At first I was a little panicked what I'd do with all my art stuff, after all it's not just for fun, it's my job.  Thankfully I saw the Stanley Fat Max at a crop I was at (the lady that had it was using it for her Project Life storage) and I knew it would be perfect for my mixed media supplies during our transition.

Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels


I made a quick video on how I have my traveling storage set up now, but I think it will wind up being used for either Project Life or for taking with me on crops once I finish moving into my new studio.



See, it's a great solution for what I needed and I love that I will still be able to use it in the future as well.  

Have you had to figure out a creative storage solution when moving? Tell me about it! I'm trying to figure out my studio storage now!



Scan N Cut: Project Life Scrapbook Layout

Confession...I'm REALLY behind on my Project Life scrapbook so I've started a new strategy to just jump into the current weeks and catch up on the past stuff when I can. I'm really hoping that will help. Here's my newest page...made using the NEW Scan N Cutâ„¢ machine by Brother. The Scan N Cut is the first home and hobby cutting machine with a built in scanner!  Cool, eh?!

Project Life - Scan N Cut

I'm really thankful I've gotten the chance to use this handy machine because I learn new things about it every time I use it.  Like on this layout I used it to write the word "hello" on that first card with the Scan N Cut pens.  I also used it to cut out the word "life", to "fussy cut" out the arrows I stamped onto white paper using the "direct cut" feature of the machine.  I also learned to cut out some basic die-cut shapes, and also to scan some scrapbook paper and fussy cut out a design element using the "direct cut" feature.  It's so cool!

Check out the video I made on how I created this layout using the machine:

Here's some close ups of the elements I made...I added some arrows to some of the photos to help direct you to seeing what I'm talking about.

These first pics show how I used the Scan N Cut to create the card. Watch the video for more details on how I did it.

Project Life - Scan N Cut

I can never resist hearts and I like that I can shape them to be the way I want them to look before cutting them out...
Project Life - Scan N Cut

Here's one of those tiny arrows I stamped, scanned, and cut out using the "direct cut" feature on the Scan N Cut.  I stapled it to a circle I cut out too.
Project Life - Scan N Cut

Another tiny arrow...
Project Life - Scan N Cut
I also used the Scan N Cut to cut out some words...
Project Life - Scan N Cut


Here's that ticket I had the Scan N Cut fussy cut out of a piece of scrapbook do that I just scanned in my patterned paper, selected the ticket, and then had it cut it out. Easy peasy.

Project Life - Scan N Cut
And here it is on the layout...

Project Life - Scan N Cut

And here's the journaling card in case you're curious what I wrote...
Project Life - Scan N Cut - Journaling

 You can check out more info about the ScanNCut HERE!




disclosure: Brother International

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product.


The First Of My "Life Journal" Art Journal Pages

Here's some of my January pages for my Life Journal.

Some, like this first page, are simple and quick.  I just printed out some digi elements and adhered them to the page and then layered some traditional scrapbooking products on top of it.

Erin Bassett - Life Journal - Inside Cover

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Erin Bassett - Life Journal - Inside Cover2


And then other pages are a bit more...this was just a file folder that I had cut down and added to my journal.
Erin Bassett - Life Journal - January - Me

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Here's a closer look at some of the details.  For the heart I put an old die-cut negative I have (that I use for stenciling) onto my page and then painted some Mister Huey onto it.  I dried it with my heat gun and then embossed it with a stamp from Unity Stamp Co and then added some fun stickers to it.  {I used the same sparkly white embossing powder that I used in my cute little Valentines for my girlfriends last year.}
Erin Bassett - Life Journal - January - Me

And here's a better shot at the journaling.  I used my Faber-Castell water color pencils to color in the letters. I really love the "fun-ness" of that look!
Erin Bassett - Life Journal - January -  Me3


Disclaimer: I've received products and compensation from Faber-Castell previously.


Catching up on Project 365

My goal for this weekend was to catch up on my Project 365 as best as I could.  I hadn't done any journaling since May & I needed to upload a few months worth of my daily photos to Costco so I can add them to my album (hopefully) this week.  

Here's some of my completed pages..well, some are missing a photo/journaling.  -Just for the record, I'm not stressing when I miss days because I can always fill those in with photos of objects around the house, mail, and other ephemera.  And I'm not stressed about getting behind because recording even half the year is better than not recording any of it & I'm pretty confident that I'll finish this year anyways.

(Click on the photos to see them larger)

IMG_5423      IMG_5424 IMG_5425      IMG_5426 IMG_5427      IMG_5428 IMG_5429      IMG_5430