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LO storage

Finished LOs Ok, I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm lazy when it comes to putting my LOs into albums.  A question at Two Peas came up about it so I thought I'd share what I do.  When I finish a LO I stick it in a stack of LOs that are in a plate holder on a shelf.  I like doing this because I get to see the LO for awhile & it helps me to be more productive by not stopping to stick it in the album.  Once the rack gets full I sort through my LOs and put them into the correct albums....I do Stacy Julian's library of memories method for my albums.



Rubber & Acrylic Stamp Storage in CD Cases

Cd_storage If you remember back, I told you how I unmounted my rubber stamps so that I could save storage space, well, I came across Jeanette's post about it this morning & it reminded me that I never shared a pix with here's my pix...I have 6 of these that are mostly filled with stamps (and some chipboard in one until I need the space), but I have room to grow when I purchase more. 

Since every time I mention unmounting rubber stamps I get a bunch of email I thought I'd reiterate how I do it.

For rubber stamps (like the ones from Stampin' Up) that come with foam & adhesive on them you have a couple of options....1) You can lightly spread Aleen's Tack it Over & Over over the adhesive & let it dry.  2) Just "un-tack" the adhesive by pressing it on your jeans a few times. Or 3) You can totally peel the foam & adhesive portion off the stamp, leaving just the rubber stamp which you will have to either use EZ Mount on or if it is a small stamp you can use Aleen's Tack It Over & Over on it in order to use with an acrylic block.  I prefer to do #3.  I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the EZ Mount!  I have tried all of these methods and they all work well, so play around with them & see what one works the best for you.  Here's some pix of each other the methods (they all are the bottom side of the stamps)....

Option #1...Tack It Over & Over applied to the foam adhesive that came on the stamp:


Option #2.... "untacked" by patting on jeans:


Option #3.....EZ Mount applied to the rubber(you can kinda see how smooth the EZ Mount is):


Also Option #3....Tack It Over & Over applied directly on the rubber (good only for small rubber stamps):


Also, I unmounted all of my wheel stamps too & use the EZ Mount on them.  Sunday International makes a special acrylic block just for the Stampin' Up wheels.