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Pocket Scrapbooking With Kids

Going on family vacations is fun, and scrapbooking about those trips is great...well, except when you do it after you're already home and you've forgotten the fun little things that happened each day.


To remedy that, this summer we took some journaling cards, pens, markers, crayons and a date stamp with us camping. And then every evening while we were cooking dinner my niece would journal onto the cards the things we did, funny conversations we had, and draw pictures.  

Once we got back home we had the photos printed out and then just slipped those, the purchased cards and embellishments, and the cards we created on our trip into the scrapbook and we were done! Easy peasy...especially for kids!

The result was her very first scrapbook! Check it out in the video below: 



Summer Time!

I've always loved summer time as a kid. The anticipation leading up to it was always such a great feeling. I feel the same way about summer now though too because it means my niece comes out to stay!  I still can't believe how brave she is to fly all by herself!


She just arrived over a week ago and already we have been to her first wedding, and then went on her first family camping trip up to the beautiful Sequoia National Forest.  

The wedding was thoughtful and beautiful, and this 8 yr old girl ate it up. 

Hess Wedding

Camping was a blast! She had such a great time & I'll share the project life style scrapbook she's making about it once she's finished.


I can't wait to see what else the summer has in store for us.  I'm sure there will be many kids craft projects just like in years past, and fun surprises too.