CKU Provo 2008 Review

I have a feeling this is going to be a long post LOL. 

E and j I've always wanted to go to CKU Provo, in fact that was the only CKU I was ever planning on going to, however I was never able to make it to the previous ones.  Last year there was one in Anaheim, CA & since it's so close to us I decided to go...which I'm very thankful for since I met so many great friends.  It was great to see so many of them in Provo this year and to also get to meet new friends.  I'm SO thankful for the CKU Provo Yahoo Group (which I helped moderate)'s great to "meet" so many ladies online before meeting face to face.  If you ever plan on going to a CKU make sure you join the Yahoo Group!!!  -It's worth all the email, I promise!!  -Plus we always come up with cute t-shirts!

IMG_4017 Let's start with the hotel.  I do have to say, the Provo Marriott was the worst Marriott I have ever stayed at.  They were totally unprepared for us (& a UPS convention) to be there (at the same time).  Dinner at their restaurant took FOREVER & we had to help the server figure out how to take so many orders at once & split them was pretty funny.  Also, when we checked in it took about an hour to get our luggage from the sidewalk to our rooms since they only had 3 bell carts...CRAZY!!  (I won't even tell you about how long it took to get our luggage back down on Saturday.) I hope CK doesn't plan on having another convention there without making sure they beef up their staff & bell carts.

CK had early registration this year....and they held it open late for the So Cal to Provo bus...super nice of them!  So it was nice to be able to pick up our stuff, sort through it, and write our names on everything before everything got started.

IMG_3858 On to the Scrapbooker of the Year (SOY) banquet.  First off, why CK called it a banquet we'll never know.  -Guess they don't know the definition of a banquet LOL.  They only served brownies, which I'm sure were delicious even though I didn't eat any. 


After the winner (Mandy Douglass) was announced I snuck out so I could meet up with friends for dinner and met up with Diana to pick up my charms from the CKU Provo Yahoo Group charm swap.  I'll post pix of my charms later...I still have to take pix of them.

Ali This year Inspiration Stations replaced the Make & Take craziness.  -A totally great change IMO.  This year we were divided into "homerooms" and the teachers rotated to us, so we go to sit in the same spot all day.  -No lugging stuff!!  -No fighting for a seat!! 

CKU also provided lunches for us this year.....CKUs at other locations have said that they had really great lunches.  Ours were not so great, but they were better than nothing (or the pizza I kept having to eat in Anaheim last year).  I was thankful for the bottled water fav!!

IMG_3922 The Kick Off Bash was Thursday night and we got lots of great goodies when we came in.  Ali was the keynote speaker...I always love to hear her talk.  The Dorms also competed and it was fun to see all the competing dorm's costumes.  I was in the non-dorm (which doesn't compete) and we did a princess theme this year.  I had a lot of friends in the CKU-ville dorm (a spoof on Dr Seuss)...loved Val's costume....she was a Horton type character. Val

Here's some other dorm pix (you can click on them to see them bigger:

Bee IMG_3910IMG_3899BirdIMG_3901

IMG_3932 I chose to take my album on Friday.  I was in Margie Romney-Aslett's "Remember" album track.  It was really great to have so many friends in there and see how everyone had their own take on Margie's album.  I still have to finish mine, but once I do I'll post could be awhile though.  Oh, and do you see what I see in that pix????  A man in our class!  Yep, a few men DO attend CKU.


IMG_3958 Saturday I did the classes.  Very fun day.  Started off with Layle Koncar & Scenic Route.  We did a really great LO.  Layle's classes are always something I look forward to. And I was blessed to win a give-away in her class. 

(Love the closed eyes Layle!)

IMG_3964 Got some inky fingers in Tim's class....but TOTALLY worth it!  We jazzed up an Ikea mirror with Grungeboard and Fragments...turned out really neat....I'll show you when it's done.

IMG_3970 The gals at Little Yellow Bicycle were very generous and provided me with part of the Vita Bella collection to make my own acrylic album since we don't celebrate Halloween and that's the album they were slated to teach.  And of course once I finish mine I'll show you it.

Brandon Brazel from Piggy Tales taught a slide book album...unfortunately I missed this class since I needed a nap desperately so I just got my class materials and headed to my room for some shut eye.  Eventually I'll work on it guessed it....I'll show you what I come up with.

Grads Commencement was on Saturday.  We had fun watching the closing slide's wasn't quite the same with out Candice's touch....but it was neat to see so many good memories in it. 

While I don't know if there are any more CKU's in my future, I do know that I am grateful for the ones that I have been able to go to and I hope to always hold on to the friendships I've made because of them.


So Cal to Provo Bus Tour 2008

IMG_3801 One of the BEST aspects of my trip to CKU this year was the bus.  I had such a great time with all the girls on board & Jose our fearless bus driver.  Seriously, if it had been any other women or driver it would have been a totally different experience I'm sure.  Jessica, thank you for putting this all totally ROCKED!!!

Both Jessica & Lori have a more chronological account of what we did...but I guess my brain doesn't think like that LOL, so here's my list of favorite bus memories (in no particular order)...


Being the first there waiting for the bus (and the last to leave)....and meeting Cherry & Gale who were equally eager to board the bus.  Gale's DH took pity on us all & hooked us up with McD's while we waited...what a great scrubby (scrapbook supportive hubbie)!!  We all met & boarded the bus at Scrapper's Cafe in Corona where the store owners surprised us early birds by opening up early & letting us shop & use their cute little restroom.  They were really nice coming home too....Carol & her DH came and opened the store up just for us & her DH waited with us for our driver to come & get us.  Love great customer service & people who CARE!!


Val & I attempting to take pictures in front of every SB store or manufacturer we visited....while we did forget a few, we did get a bunch of them.  This pix is in front of Scrapbook Boulevard in Victorville, CA....they had the cutest make & take for us to do...I'll share some pix of it once I find it in my big box of loot!


Speaking of's all the ones we went to:

Scrapper's Cafe (Corona, CA)

Scrapbook Boulevard (Victorville, CA)

Scrappin' Time (Las Vegas, NV)...who have such a great store, I totally fell in love with their classes & asked if they'd make me a kit & ship it to me....which they are!  They also had a great array of new products, of which I stocked up!!  Oh, and I'll have to show you the cute make & take and the snack bag they made us once I find it.

Pebbles in My Pocket Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)  I've been there several times in the past so it was nice to see the familiar faces of the ladies that work there.

Sign Majestic Memories (Las Vegas, NV) Loved how helpful the staff was there & that they opened up extra restrooms for us!  Along with carrying great product, they have the funniest sign on their door.

Robert's Crafts (Cedar City, UT) We totally need one of these in CA!!!  They had the BEST sales & a great discount for us bus people!!!  Plus they had 4 make & takes for us!

Scrapbook Central (Payson, UT) Lots of scrap goodness!!!

My Scrapbook Zone (American Fork, UT) So glad we stopped by here....they were so nice to push back our scheduled time to be there so we could do some CKU dorm stuff (more info on that later) great m&t's.

Stores-Erin_winner Pebbles in My Pocket (Orem, UT) We did a PJ run to this PJ's!!  Thankfully I won a wonderful robe on the bus that was the perfect attire to wear.  The store was fun & played a Expo-ish game where you jump on a number when they say & if they call your number you win....well they called mine. (Thanks for the pix Jessica!)

Heartland Paper Co (Taylorsville, UT) This store has one of the best ideas....fountain drinks!!!!  I don't normally drink soda, but with my very limited sleep I needed an extra kick to stay up & so their generous fountain drinks were awesome!!  On top of that, they had great products on the shelves and the best shopping basket design out of just about any SB store I've ever shopped at....I wish I would have taken a pix of it, but it is curved where it would rest against your leg...ingenious!!

Heartfelt Creations (Sandy, UT) They had a great 50% off store just down the way from them.....some great deals there & then the actual store itself was huge....chocked full of so much that I think I might have missed some of it.  They did have a bunch of Glimmer Mist though & I stocked up on some of the colors I had been wanting for awhile now.

Now, back to other highlights....

IMG_3786 A surprise Baby Shower for Val on the bus....organized by her secret sister, Angie.  Val was so touched she cried. 


IMG_3831 On the bus we also visited a few manufacturers....this one was a complete surprise to's a pix I took as we rounded the corner & figured out where we were going....the one, the only, Provo Craft!!

I used to work in a distribution center for one of the leading drug stores so I am always very interested in warehouse operations and to see it in the SB industry, especially with a manufacture as awesome as Provo Craft was great!  IMG_3835
Cricut & Cuttlebug were there to greet us...thanks guys!!

IMG_3839We got a tour of the facilities & got to see a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that they are preparing for the stores & TV.  Very exciting.

We were also very blessed to get to be included in playing with a new product that is currently being developed and will truly change the crafting industry for the better.  Thank you Provo Craft for trusting us & sharing our crafting enthusiasm with us.  It's great to see a company that values the opinion of those who use the products.

IMG_3854 Also, when we were leaving Provo Craft, there was a beautiful rainbow....SO much brighter then the ones I've seen in CA & Hawaii.


I also go to meet & hang out with Jana from Provo great to have a new friend!!


We were also able to visit the Rusty Pickle warehouse where we got a tour and shopped 'till we dropped....especially since we got there after midnight & didn't get back to the hotel 'till 2:30am-ish.  Lance (aka: Mr Pickle) was really great, he rode the bus with us & filled us in on a lot of Pickle stuff and of course had a TON of give-aways for us.  He's always such a generous guy!!  I stocked up on t-shirts here....Rusty Pickle has the best SB tees!! (PS - thanks for this pix Jessica!!)

HeidiSwap Heidi Swapp (just one of the awesome sponsors on the bus)goodies....especially the photo corners...boy do we have a lot of ideas on how to use them all up!!!IMG_3995

 Here's Jose & Jessica! 

I'm SO thankful for them both!!!  Jessica totally hooked us up with great give-aways.  You can see all the sponsors here...they were all so generous in giving us stuff.  THANK YOU!!


CKU Provo 2008 8x8 Page Swap

Ok, I know I'm moving slower than molasses in getting my CKU stuff posted....sorry.  Life beacons.  I will get it all up here eventually though.  :D  Here's the pages everyone did for the CKU Provo 8x8 Page Swap.....


CKU Provo Swaps

Ribbon Ok, I'm going to start my review of everything that happened at CKU & on the bus with swaps.  I love swaps.  Here's the ribbon swap...I think I was in group #4.  -Great ribbons eh?!

I was also in the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22 - 23) page swap.  I love, love, love all the pages I got back!!  Here they are....BTW, everything I made for all my swaps is located here.

Ok, I have other swaps to show you too....but that will have to wait till's past my lunch time & a girl's gotta eat!!


Back from CKU

Bus I'm back from CKU!  I had an awesome time both on the bus & at CKU.  I'll give you my review of all that happen within the next few days, but in the meanwhile you can check out Lori's blog for her updates.

I'm off to unpack & do laundry.  :D