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Surviving post CHA

I went to the CHA winter tradeshow last week and had a blast. I worked the ZIG-Kuretake booth and taught a doodling fun!!! I also networked and did all the other fun CHA designer & blogger stuff. And, somewhere along the way I picked up germs and have been sick ever since.  :(


ZIG-Kuretake CHA-W 2013 Workshop
I actually remembered to snap a photo before my workshop started!



ZIG-Kuretake CHA-W 2013 Workshop
Part of the wall I colored in the booth - this flower was almost as big as my head.


Let me back up. First off, I drove home from CHA and of course it took twice as long since there was traffic, and then when I got there my husband was outside with our dogs. Our oldest dog, Granola...we call her Nola, was super lethargic and when I looked at her I knew something was wrong. Really wrong. The right side of her face was sagging and drooling and her neck was swollen with a mass it. Of course since it was after hours we had to go to our emergency vet (our animals never have emergencies at normal business hours!)...where we spent hours having her tested, x-rayed, ect.  Fun times. Long story short, she stayed there two nights and ended up having surgery on the second day to remove the mass on her neck, a small mass on her knee, and one on her eyelid that we were scheduled to remove the next week.  

She now looks like Frankenstein. I'll definitely spare you the photos, but trust me it's NOT pretty...but she feels a lot better. And surprisingly all the staples and stitches don't seem to be bothering her (yet). And even better, the vet called and said that the pathology came back and everything was benign. The one on her neck had abscessed, but they were able to remove all of it, so they don't suspect it will cause her problems in the future. Thank the Lord too, since the whole shebang was a pretty penny! My Hubs now says she's an actual Golden Retriever, meaning she's made out of gold! LOL.

In more dog news, our puppy Willow just turned 5 months old.  She's the best puppy! Very obedient and fun to have around. She's  quirky though...she keeps turning her beds inside out so that she sleeps on the smooth side instead of the "fur". She does it with the pad in her crate too. So weird, but I've stopped trying to fix it!


Willow Dog 5 months
Willow, 5 months old.   -   Why she keeps flipping her bed inside out I don't know. She also has bigger beds to sleep on, but likes this one!

Hope all is well with you!  I have a lot of exciting things coming up blog wise so make sure you either follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to my newsletter to keep up with everything.

Also, in case you missed the announcements, 21 Secrets of Art Journaling 2013 is now open for registration!  Join myself and 20 other amazing teachers for these workshops for the low price of just $'s really a steal!!!! Click here for more info.



Yay, it's CHA time!!

In the arts & crafts industry I love two times of year...January and July...because it's CHA tradeshow time, which means that new products are rolling our way!  Lifestyle Crafts has begun rolling out their new fall collections, check them out HERE.  I have started to play with some of the new dies and I do have to say that I love them!

You know I love doilies...check out these NEW nested doilies!!!!  I die!

LC - Nesting Doilies

Here's a card I made with it and some papers by Create Paper...

Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Love3


To get your die to cut into a card shape you just have to fold your paper and then allow the die to be hang over the fold slightly when you run it through your die cut machine.  You can see a great example of how to do it here.

And here's how it looks on the inside of the card...

Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts- Love4

Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts- Love4

Next up is the NEW nesting frames 10...

LC - Nesting frame 10


I used some more of the same Create Papers on it and a bit of twine.  Besides using one of the NEW Nesting Frame 10, I also used one of the Fancy Envelope Tab dies, and the NEW Butterfly Punch (which comes with a boarder die and two butterfly dies).


LC - Nesting frame 10

LC - Nesting frame 10

And lastly, here's the NEW hanging box and NEW ticket punch...

LC - box

I think this box is great to fill with gratitude cards...

Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Graditude Box3

Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Graditude Box3

I used the ticket punch border for the band around the box and then the individual ticket dies for the tickets, which I stamped with an older Imaginisce ticket stamp. All the papers are by Pink Paislee.

Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Graditude Box3
Now, these are just a few of the NEW dies that Lifestyle Crafts is releasing for fall...check out this first wave of releases here.  And remember that you can get a 20% discount off your order when you enter coupon code "ERIN" at Lifestyle Crafts.


Giveaway from Shoe Attitude!

Shoe Attitude
Remember that cool product I told you about from the CHA winter trade show that allows you to alter and customize your shoes and turn your plain shoes into awesome one of a kind ones?  Well they, Shoe Attitude, wants to do a giveaway for you lucky blog readers!!


Shoe Attitude2 - CHA 2012


Shoe Attitude is a film that you can print any design you want to on with your computer printer and then adhere to your shoe.  It's really easy to use, check out this short video on how to use it:


To enter the giveaway....

Shoe Attitude Package #16DF

*  Leave me a comment here on the post you are reading right now letting me know what designs you'd put on your shoes.

*  For an extra chance to win, leave a message on Shoe Attitude's Facebook page letting them know you saw their product here at the creativitE blog & then leave me a comment here on the post you are reading right now letting me know you did that.

I will pull TWO random winners on Friday, March 30, 2012 and email them that they won!

Comments are now closed.


Disclaimer: Kodak/Shoe Attitude is providing the prizes for this promotion at no cost to me.  I have been compensated for promoting this product.  Prize fulfillment will be done by Kodak/Shoe Attitude and creativitE will provide them with the winner's name, postal address, and email address.


CHA Winter 2012

So I've been back from the Craft and Hobby Association's annual winter trade show (aka: CHA-W) for a few days now...and now that I've had time to relax and catch up on the home front I thought you might like my two cents.  ;)


Cha show
photo credit: CHA

The Show...

While it felt like a smaller winter show then past years (there were "networking parks" set up where I assume they tried to sell booth space and failed, and all the booths combined were only in two of the halls), it was still a great show!  This year I was blessed to be able to "walk the floor" and not be stuck in a booth all day.  (Don't get me wrong, I love to teach and talk, but boy does it wear you out!!)  So I actually got to see outside the path from the booths to the food & restroom!  It was such a nice change!


image from
some of "Love My Tapes" display

The Trends...

The major trends I saw at the show were washi tape, chevron patterns,'s still hot!  -Loved Lawn Fawn's twine since it's lightly waxed it's perfect for mixed media, alterables are still big along with DIY jewelry....everyone from Imaginisce and Creative Imaginations to Darice (who partnered with Tori Spelling) has a line coming out.  And of course mixed media stuff!  Check out "my favs" below to see what I love!

image from

The Celebrity....

Speaking of Tori Spelling, I got to go to her launch party with Darice for her new [Styled] line of jewelry.  It was an intimate get together, with mostly media in attendance.  Tori got up and told us about the new line and how easy it was to use and we got to see the pieces and meet the design team that helped develop the line, and then it was time to mingle! Tori was very gracious with taking photos and talking to people.  I was thankful to be sitting with my friends from Northridge Publishing who were interviewing Tori for an upcoming piece, so we got to chat for quite awhile.  I do have to say that she comes off as "real"...and I mean really she could live next door to you real.  She talks like a real crafter...knows all our slang, and has such a mother's heart.  She puts her family first and it was just really heartwarming to listen to her share examples of how she does that.  

After Tori had to move on to talk with other people, everyone at my table were chatting about how down to earth she is.  Talking with Tori was very much like talking with any of my friends in the crafting industry in that she's a real woman, wife, mother, and entrepreneur.  It was good to see!


Tori and Erin
Tori & Erin at the [Styled] launch party

Oh, and Tori liked my necklace.  ;)  Every time she saw me she'd tell me that she was still loving it.  Funny thing too, since I changed my top, shoes, and jewelry for the event because I love it too!


My Favs...

These are my top 5 favorite products (in not particular order) that are coming out this year:

1. Basic Grey Canvas Frames....they come with a pre-printed design on them that you can add paint, fabric, canvas, photos, etc to in order to make it your own.


image from


image from

2. SEI's fabric spray...Yes, finally a permanent color spray for fabrics!  Hello new obsession for Erin!!


image from


3.  Ranger & Crafter's Workshop Dylusions masks...and just about any mask Crafter's Workshop makes.  ;)  Love them!!


image from
image from


image from



 4. Kreinik...a new to me manufacture...has iron-on thread!!!  Seriously, my heart skipped a beat.  Of course I love regular thread, but iron-on?  How awesome is that????


image from
Here's they are showing us how to make our own cording.


5. Kodak and Avatrex partnered up to create this cool substrate that you can print on and then apply it to surfaces such as shoes!!  It's really cool and the perfect answer for people who have been trying to jazz up textured surfaces like yoga mats and flip flops with the look of screen-printing (ie: YuDu) and were unsuccessful!


image from


image from



What about paper-crafts?

Well, there wasn't a lot that's ground braking's more of a "flowers in 'new' colors" type of year!  There are lots of awesome papers and stamps coming out, punches too, just nothing that made me feel I have to have that right this instant....which is a little sad.  I will give some honorable mentions for....

1. Bazzill's new washi tape and antique paper.  The paper is thin...kind of like tissue paper but a bit thicker then really has a neat feel to it like old paper.


image from


image from

And Margie (a vintage, totally Margie, line) and Janet (a travel-ish line) also came out with new great lines for Bazzill.


2. Heidi Swapp and Pink Paislee teamed up for a new release.  Now I will have to admit that when I got the sneak peek emails online prior to the show I was not too thrilled with the line...however seeing it in person is MUCH more appealing!  It has a less juvenile look in real life then the emails showed....also, the display & samples in the booth were terrific.

image from
Love the concept of using these cool file folders for scrapbooking
image from
Love the patterns for the Color Wonder line

3. Love the new colors of Gelatos from Faber-Castell as they continue to expand the Design Memory Craft line.


image from

I uploaded all the photos I took at CHA to my Flickr account so you could see feel free to browse through the slide show of them.  I tried to take photos of the manufactures name when I was in a booth so the photos around the "name" photo are where those products and project samples came from...I will update the photo descriptions on Flickr when I have time.





Disclaimer: I work with the following companies that are mentioned in this article and my doing so had no baring on me reporting on them in this article....I only report what I really think not what I'm paid to like.  ;)   (Imaginisce, Northridge Publishing, and Faber-Castell)



Hero Arts Stamped Fabric Flowers (#CHAshow)

Erin Bassett - Hero Arts - 2011CHA Flowers1
I made a bunch of stamped fabric flower pins for Hero Arts to give away in their CHA booth this year.  You can jump over here to see how they looked once they got their final flag added to them and get the links to everyone else that helped make them.

It was pretty easy to make them...I created them like an assembly line: 

    -Fold the fabric in half with the wrong sides facing each other. and then stamp the fabric with the flowers.

    -Sew around the edge of the flowers leaving a little space between the stamped flower & the actual sewing.

    -Cut out the flower leaving about 1/4" space between the sewing and the cut edge of the flower.  Snip a little hole in the back of it and then stuff each petal with stuffing.

    -Hand sew a flower and button to the flower...I liked to cinch it pretty tight to give it some tufting.

    -Stamp a leaf onto green fabric, cut it out and glue it on the back of the flower.

    -Cut out some felt circles to back the flower (I used a die cut machine to do it since I was making so many.)  Glue the felt circle to the back of the flowers and then glue a pin to the felt.  (I used Fabric-tac favorite fabric glue.) 

Erin Bassett - Hero Arts - 2011CHA Flowers - Ginger I really like this technique and used it to make my friend Ginger her own flower that I created out of wool felt (the real stuff, not the cheap acrylic felt that you find at the craft store). I topped her flower with a brad I made with my i-Top and a bit of bling that I attached with my i-Rock (which is on sale right now here ).


Sponsors: Hero Arts, Imaginisce