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Fun Kids Craft Projects

Here are the kid's art projects I did with my 2 yr old niece this year for Christmas gifts.   


This first one is a canvas we painted for her little brother. 

Erin Bassett - Kid's Art - Painted Canvas6

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I started off by using my Silhouette Cameo to cut out some vinyl text and then applied it to the canvas with transfer tape.

Erin Bassett - Kid's Art - Painted Canvas

Then I just let her have at it with a foam paint brush!

Erin Bassett - Kid's Art - Painted Canvas2


And of course we cleaned up with some Wet Ones Wipes

Erin Bassett - Kid's Art - Painted Canvas3

I let it dry, and then peeled off the vinyl letters.  There were a couple of spots where the paint got under the vinyl, but I just went over them with a white Zig Painty FX pen to fix them.

Erin Bassett - Kid's Art - Painted Canvas4

Erin Bassett - Kid's Art - Painted Canvas5


We also used her hands and foot to create a reindeer print for other family members.

Erin Bassett - Kid's Art - Reindeer3

Erin Bassett - Kid's Art - Reindeer2

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Fun and easy kids crafts!


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Introducing Siblings

Everyone was really excited to see how my niece would react to her new baby brother coming home from the hospital and being able to see her Mom again since she was gone for 4 days having the c-section & recovering. 

{click photos to enlarge}

BLOG Erin Bassett - SS - Temp 3 Sept - Studio Calico

She was super happy to see Mom...she got a huge surprise look on her face when she saw her...which of course made Mom start to cry and I was doing everything in my power to suck it up and not start bawling watching them.

She was also really curious about what her Dad was carrying in that car seat and was so gentle and timid with touching her new brother.  It was cute to watch!

She did have a bit of a melt down after awhile was past her nap time and she was a bit confused about why Mom couldn't pick her up and what was going on with the baby.  Thankfully she got her nap and they are all now working at trying to help her deal with not being the sole center of attention....overall I'd say it's going pretty well!  (You should hear the horror stories my parents tell of when my brother came home...I was not a happy camper to say the least!)

BLOG Erin Bassett - SS - Temp 3 Sept - Studio Calico

Again for this layout I used one of the Simple Scrapper September sketches.  Love those! It makes it so easy to get started.  I also the Studio Calico kit "Boardwalk" for 99% of the layout. I think the only thing that didn't come in the kit was the tiny staples and tissue tape LOL.

BLOG Erin Bassett - SS - Temp 3 Sept - Studio Calico


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Christmas in July

Have you even begun to think about the holidays yet?  -With the way the days seem to whip by they will be here before we even know it.

Imaginisce just released their new holiday line this week, "Santa's Little Helper"...which I used to create this layout of my niece when she was just 15 days old.  

BLOG Erin Basset - Imaginisce SLH

BLOG Erin Basset - Imaginisce SLHI love how Imaginisce embosses the papers!  I added a bit of bling to them too.
BLOG Erin Basset - Imaginisce SLHStop by the Imaginisce blog every day this week to enter to win some of this fabulous line.  (Winners will be announced on Friday.)


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Easy Canvas Prints

Canvas Photo


I'm the main photo-taker in our I'm always really happy when someone else does it and I can just reap the cute pics!!  My sister-in-law had photos taken of my niece recently by a friend and so I was really happy when Easy Canvas Prints offered to print one up for us!  It turned out perfect and my SIL & BIL love it.  :)

It was a super easy process too...I just choose what size canvas I wanted...uploaded the photo...choose a boarder option (you can have it wrapped as is, mirrored & wrapped, or have a color boarder around the edges...I just kept this photo the way it was, so her hand wrapped around the edge which isn't really a big deal to us.)...and then sized it so it fit on the canvas.  

Canvas Photo - Side2

It came in a box wrapped in plastic to protect it and looked great!  I put just had to put it on an easel I bought eons ago.  :)  Easy gift!

Canvas Photo - Side
Canvas Photo 1
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Mustache Baby Onesie

I love that in addition to the new shaped bling that Imaginisce came out with, they also have a bottle of all black bling & it has different sized studs in it.  I made this cute onesie with them: 

Erin Bassett - Imaginisce - i-rock mustache onesie

Erin Bassett - Imaginisce - i-rock mustache onesie - CloseUp1
To do it I just cut out the mustache shape with my Silhouette, taped the negative to my onesie, and then filled it in with bling.  Then I went ahead and heated up the bling (to activate the adhesive on the backside of it)  by placing a paper towel over it and then ironing it.  -I could have used my i-rock on it too...but I was in a rush.  -Once done I just removed the template.

Erin Bassett - Imaginisce - i-rock mustache onesie - CloseUp2

And then you have a fun mustache mask to play with.  ;)

Erin Bassett - Imaginisce - i-rock mustache
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