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Summer Habits

Every summer I try to enrich my life somehow. This summer, I'm choosing to watercolor daily, even if it's just something quick. IMG_20190518_131536_362

I wish I could keep up the habit to do something creative everyday year round, but I alway end up falling off the wagon when life gets busy. Really, taking time to be creative every day isn't that hard or taxing, but for some reason I get it in my head that it will be and so I end up not doing it. Maybe keeping these small (4"x6") will help...I guess only time will tell. IMG_20190519_165505_595

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DIY Keychain

20190428_153405 BROTHER Sponsored Post

This is a fun craft to do with kids and is perfect for gift giving! You can personalize the colors and designs for each recipient and be as creative with it as you want to be.



ScanNCutDX Machine and Accessories

Universal Pen Holder

1 Shrink Plastic Sheet

Permanent Colored Markers

Permanent Black Marker

Hole Punch

Key Ring

Jump Rings

Washi Tape (optional)

Eye Ring (optional)

Beads (optional)

Tassel (optional)




  1. On the ScanNCutDX, Click on “patterns,” then click on the word art icon. Select the design LO-AH06. Keychain2
  2. Resize it to 5” wide and click “set” to set it on the mat. Then press “ok.” Keychain3
  3. Place the Universal Pen Holder in the stand so that arrows on the stand and pen holder align.Keychain5 Uncap the black permanent marker and place it into the pen holder so that it’s touching the bottom of it. Keychain6While holding down the stand, pull up the dial in the direction of the arrow from the initial position, slowly turn the dial to the left until the pen is firmly secured, and then lower the dial so that the teeth are engaged and the pen is held in place. Take the pen holder out of the stand and insert it into the ScanNCutDX.
  4. Place a sheet of shrink plastic onto the standard cutting mat, adding washi tape to the sides if needed, and insert it into the machine. Keychain19
    Select “draw” and “start” to begin drawing the design on the shrink plastic. Keychain4
      When it’s finished cutting, unload the pen holder and remove the marker.
  1. Connect the lines on the drawing as seen in the photo. 20190428_143510
  2. On the ScanNCutDX, press the “home” button, and then “ok.” Next, click on “scan” and “direct cut,” select what device you want to use, and then “start” to scan in the design. 20190428_210228
  3. After it’s scanned, crop the image if needed and click “preview,” and then “ok.” Keychain9
  4. If you desire a border around the design, click the outline icon and set the distance you want and then click “ok.” Keychain10
  1. Select “cut” and “start” to begin cutting out the design. Keychain12
    Once it’s finished cutting, unload the mat and remove the cut design from the mat.
  2. Using colored permanent markers color in the design. 20190428_144316
  3. Cut two holes in the cut-out…one on top, one on the bottom. Keychain14
  4. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for shrinking the plastic. 20190428_150041
  5. Use a jump ring to add a key ring to the top of the heart. If desired, use jump rings to add beads and a tassel to the bottom of the heart. 20190428_151542

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