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Thankful Home Décor...Using the Vinyl Roll Feeder on my ScanNCutDX

Fall is a great time to refresh your home décor! While this sign may look like it took a lot of work, thanks to the ScanNCutDX Roll Feeder it was a piece of cake!

Here's a video of how I made it, and the written instructions are below.

ScanNCutDX Machine and Accessories
• CanvasWorkspace for PCs (Mac version coming soon!)
• 6 foot x 10 inch board
• Primer: Valspar All-Weather Exterior Primer Sealer
• Paint Valspar SeasonPLUS Exterior Paint : in Fiesta.
Paint brushes or rollers
• 1 Black Brother Vinyl Roll (6 feet)
• Yellow and Red vinyl sheets
• Brother Grid Transfer Tape
FREEThankful” and “leaves” patterns



I had some help preparing this project. 😁

20181010_104054 2


1. Sand the board to remove any splinters or rough edges. Thankful11

2. Paint a coat of primer over the entire board and allow to dry. I used an exterior primer to protect from the elements.Thankful12

3. Paint board with orange paint and allow to dry before repeating the process until you reach full coverage. I used an exterior latex paint to protect from the elements when displayed outdoors.Thankful13

4. On the ScanNCutDX machine, click on “roll feeder,” then follow the instructions in step 1 to set it up with the black roll of vinyl installed. Thankful14

5. Download the FREE patterns: https://www.erinbassett.com/Freebies/Cut_Files/leaves.fcm
Load “Thankful” onto your ScanNCutDX by clicking on step 2. Thankful15Click where you are getting the pattern files from. Thankful15b(Note: I saved them to my computer and used ScanNCut CanvasWorkspace PC Edition to send them wirelessly over the internet to my machine. You can also save it to a USB drive and insert it into the machine or plug you computer directly into your machine.)

6. Select “cut” and then “start” to have the design cut out. Thankful16(Tip: if you haven’t cut this material in your machine yet you will want to perform a test cut to make sure it cuts correctly.)
Unload the project when it’s finished cutting.
Remove the roll feeder.

7. Remove the negative areas of vinyl from the pattern and trim off any excess vinyl. Thankful17

8. Begin to peel back the backing from the grid transfer tape about two inches and line it up with the top of the vinyl pattern. Thankful18While holding the project firmly with the left hand smooth out the layers of grid transfer tape and vinyl pattern to adhere the transfer tape to the top of the vinyl. Thankful18b Thankful18c

9. Burnish the grid transfer tape onto the vinyl using your nails or a spatula. Thankful19

10. Carefully peel back the transfer tape and vinyl. Thankful110

11. Line up the design so that it’s centered on the board and burnish it again so the vinyl sticks to the board. Thankful111

12. Carefully and slowly lift off the transfer tape. Thankful112

13. To cut out the leaves, load the pattern onto your ScanNCutDX or use the built in leaves in the “pattern” section. Thankful113If you choose to use the downloaded ones, click on “retrieve data” choose where you’re retrieving it from and then select the leaves pattern. Thankful113b

14. Place a sheet of vinyl onto the mat and load it into the machine. Thankful114

15. Select “ok” until you get to the cut screen and then select “cut.”
Next, click on the wrench icon to adjust your settings. Thankful115aScroll down to Half Cut and select “on” then click “ok” and “start.” Thankful115b

Using a remnant piece of vinyl? Thankful15cScan in the vinyl remnant on your mat by clicking on the “scan” icon. Thankful115dOnce it’s finished scanning you will see the remnant on the screen and can move the leaves onto the remaining vinyl to be cut out.

16. Once the leaves are finished cutting, unload the mat and then weed out the negative vinyl. Thankful116

17. Apply the leaves like stickers to the board. Thankful117

Disclosure: Erin is a paid consultant and has received  products from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely her own and based on her use of the products.

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