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Quilted Rhinestone Decor

Rhinestone Decor

I love the way this project turned out. It's such a fun addition to my art studio and a great way to use up any scraps you have laying around.



(Note: I used pieces of fabric that were longer than 8" and then trimmed them down, but the correct measurements are listed in the instructions for my 4 ½” x 6 ½” frame...if you use a different size frame adjust your fabric sizes accordingly.)

  1. Select two strips of fabric and pin or clip the right sides together. Sew a ¼” seam down one of the long edges. Open and press the seams down with an iron. Rhinestone 1
    Rhinestone 1
  2. Select another strip of fabric and pin or clip it the right side to the right side of one of the previously sewn strips. Rhinestone 3
  3. You should now have three strips of fabric sewn together. Trim the two edge strips in half.  Rhinestone3b
    Rhinestone3bAnd then trim your joined fabric to  4" x 4" Rhinestone3d
  4. Decide which fabric pieces to use for each of the edges and then continue to sew on strips around the edges of the three strip piece using the same method of pinning the right sides together, sewing the edge with a ¼” seam and then pressing the seam open. Rhinestone 4
  5. Prepare a piece of fabric for the rhinestone by cutting it to about 6 ½” x  2½”. Fray the edges if desired. Set aside.  Rhinestone 5b
  6. Download the free rhinestone cut file and open it up on your ScanNCut machine. Rhinestone 6
    Rhinestone 6
  7. Open the Rhinestone Kit and remove the black fuzzy template material. Apply that to the cutting mat, fuzzy side up. Rhinestone 9
  8. Cut out the “create” rhinestone design. Be sure to do a test cut if you are not sure what blade setting to use. Rhinestone 12
  9. Remove the material from the mat, trim down if necessary, and separate just the corner of material from the backing. While firmly holding down the backing, quickly pull off the material. If any circle remain in the fabric, poke them out. Rhinestone 13
    Rhinestone 13
  10. Place the Rhinestone Kit lid down onto your work surface and place the reusable backing board, shiny side up into the lid. Adhere the template you just created onto the backing board. Rhinestone 15
  11. Sprinkle the rhinestones onto the template. Rhinestone 16
  12. Use the brush in a circular pattern over the rhinestones to move them into position. Rhinestone 17
  13. Cut a piece of transfer tape to size, remove the backing, and press it firmly onto the rhinestones. Rhinestone 18
    Rhinestone 18
  14. Lift the transfer tape up to remove the rhinestones from the template. Rhinestone 20a

  15. Place the transfer tape with rhinestones on top of the previously prepared fabric piece. Rhinestone 20b
  16. Following the package instructions, iron on the rhinestones and allow it to cool. Rhinestone 20c
  17. Carefully peel up the transfer tape. Rhinestone 20d
  18. Place the rhinestone fabric piece into the center of your quilted piece. Using the embroidery thread, hand stitch around the rhinestone fabric to secure it in place. Rhinestone 21
    Rhinestone 21
  19. Place the fabric piece face down on your worksurface. Center the batting on top of it. Center the chipboard on top of that. Fold the fabric and batting edges around the chipboard and tape or glue into place. If desired, cover the backside of the piece with a piece of cardstock. Rhinestone 25
    Rhinestone 25
  20. Slide the piece into the frame. Rhinestone 27
  21. Embellish with decorate stick pins. Rhinestone 28
    Rhinestone 28

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