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Create a Customized Tea Party.

299101C6-9E51-4AD9-B51D-B12425457AE1I knew when I found this plain children’s tea set that it would be cute to add some vinyl designs to.  It’s easy to layer colored vinyl to create custom designs. -Top the teapot off with some flowers from CanvasWorkspace and it’s great fun for your next tea party.





Follow the written instructions below or follow along with the video instructions here:


  1. In CanvasWorkspace, download the flowers from the “Flower Patterned Tumbler”.   20797D8F-BC01-4A6D-BABB-92A30B9716EB
    Using ScanNCut Transfer or a USB thumb drive, load the flower designs onto your ScanNCut.  Resize the flowers to fit onto the cup and tea pot if needed.  Load white craft vinyl onto the mat, insert it into your ScanNCut machine and cut out 4 of the “open” flowers.
  2. Next, cut out the “closed” flowers out of pink craft vinyl.
  3. Weed out the negative parts of the vinyl designs. B71A823F-3F8D-4712-9571-E2074CB28921
  4. Since the flowers are so small they are easy to pick up like a sticker and layer for placement onto the child size tea set. (TIP: If you are creating larger designs, use transfer tape to layer the vinyl designs.). Place the white “sticker” over the pink one.
    299101C6-9E51-4AD9-B51D-B12425457AE1Then transfer the whole flower “sticker” onto the cup or teapot. 
    299101C6-9E51-4AD9-B51D-B12425457AE1 Continue until all the pieces have been layered and applied to the tea set.EEB5B8E1-3560-4ECB-8309-95F24F167F5E
  5. Next, create the doilies by downloading the doily from the Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 1 onto your ScanNCut. 0D9B24C9-BDBB-4E0F-A19E-79AEC36D5CF1
     Resize it if needed and then cut it out of white cardstock.

    Use the “open” flower from the Flower Patterned Tumbler as a doily for the saucers. EEB5B8E1-3560-4ECB-8309-95F24F167F5E
  6. Place the remaining colored cardstock onto your craft mat so you can cut out the flowers to go into the tea pot.  

    On your ScanNCut (or in Canvas Workspace) lay out flowers and leaves from the “Mother’s Day Pop-up Card Box” so that they coordinate with where you placed the cardstock  on the cutting mat.  9EA76AA4-36A2-4DD4-800A-A07373A7C3CD
  7. Assemble the flowers by layering them with adhesive.

    Plce the green rectangle into the teapot and mark were it comes out of the top of the teapot. Place the assembled flowers on the top of the green rectangle above the “top of the teapot” mark. Use foam adhesive on some of the flowers to vary the depth. EEB5B8E1-3560-4ECB-8309-95F24F167F5E
    Fold the leaves on the score marks and then adhere them onto the rectangle.EEB5B8E1-3560-4ECB-8309-95F24F167F5E
    Adhere the pearl and bling embellishments to the center of the flowers. 29E17EEF-F1FE-4BE5-848E-C6CF9CAD930E
  8. Place the flowers into the teapot and enjoy your tea party with your favorite little ones.




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