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Catch a Leprechaun this St. Patrick's Day!


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This St. Patrick’s Day you can try your luck at catching a leprechaun, and if you’re kind to him you might be able to convince him to share his gold with you!  Just remember that leprechauns are very clever, so don’t take your eyes off of him for a minute or he will disappear!




Here's a video on how to create this:


Make the box

    1. Place the 12”x12” green cardstock onto the ScanNCut cutting mat and insert it into the machine. Insert USB4 directly into your ScanNCut and retrieve box #5. (Alternatively, you can also load open it in CanvasWorkspace and transfer it over to your ScanNCut using the ScanNCut Transfer feature. If you are using this method, change the size of the box by selecting all of it, grouping it, and then pulling the corner handlebars out until the design fills the inside of the red boarder, and then transfer it to your ScanNCut.) Box Screenshot
    2. If you are resizing it on your ScanNCut, resize the box as large as it will go by selecting all of it and then clicking on the mat icon, and then the resizing icon. Adjust the height/width. Fullsizeoutput_6cc
    3. Cut out the design by pressing “ok” through the screens and then press “cut”. If you are not sure of the correct blade depth setting, perform a test cut first. To add a test cut press the back arrow, then press “add”, then press “test” and select the shape you want to use. Press “set” to add it to the mat. Now when you press “cut” and “start” it will perform the test cut and then pause for you to evaluate the cut and determine if you need to make any adjustments. If all is well, press “start” again and it will continue to cut out your design. 20180211_112341
    4. Unload the mat from the machine and gently remove the paper.
    5. Crease the paper on the fold lines.Fullsizeoutput_6a6


Add a clover shaped window

  1. Place your unfolded box onto the mat, keeping in mind where you want your clover window to be. Load the mat into the ScanNCut. Fullsizeoutput_6a9
  2. Load the clover cut file onto your ScanNCut using the same method you used for the box. Fullsizeoutput_64f
  3. Scan in the mat. 20180214_091347
  4. Drag the clover to where you want it to cut, zooming in if needed to make sure it’s centered in the panel and not on a fold line. Resize the clover by selecting it, clicking on the mat icon, and then the resizing icon. Adjust the height/width. Fullsizeoutput_6b0
  5. Press “ok”, then “cut” and “start”. 20180211_115653

Assemble and fill the box

  1. Apply adhesive to the appropriate tabs and corners to adhere it together. Fullsizeoutput_6b3
  2. Partially fill the box with a treat to allure the leprechaun. Make sure you leave room for the leprechaun to fit! Fullsizeoutput_6be

To create the rainbow

  1. Cut your remaining cardstock so that it is larger than the circle you will be cutting out. Circle sizes
  2. Place the pieces of paper onto the mat and then “scan” and “start”. 20180211_124905
  3. Load the rainbow circle cut file onto your ScanNCut using the same method you used for the box. Fullsizeoutput_6cb
  4. Move the correct circle to the center of the correct color paper and press “ok” until you get to the “cut” screen. Press “cut” and “start” to cut out the circles. 20180211_124851 20180211_124932
  5. Remove the papers from the mat.
  6. Adhere the circles together in the proper order – red on the bottom, orange on top of that, and so on. Fullsizeoutput_6ba
  7. Using your paper trimmer or scissors, cut the radius of the rainbow circle, then rotate the circle so that the radius cut line is horizontal and then cut the radius again as shown below. Circle cut
  8. On one edge of the rainbow fold it back about ¼”. Cut the orange-yellow-green-blue-purple layers off at the fold line, but leave the red layer to act as a tab that you can use to adhere the rainbow to the lid of the box. Fullsizeoutput_6bb Fullsizeoutput_6bc
  1. Adhere the rainbow’s tab to the lid of the box.20180211_125706 20180211_130013
  2. Pull apart some cotton balls and glue them to the lid of the box as clouds. Fullsizeoutput_6c0

Now that your box is complete you can place it in a safe spot so that when the leprechaun goes inside you can cover up the clover window and have him trapped!

Good luck!


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