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Valentine Canvas

ScanNCut Valentine's Heart Canvas

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The season of love is here! Time to whip up some cute and easy home décor pieces!  I love the way the raised hearts on this piece give it so much dimension and the stitching warms it up and gives it a homey touch.




Watch the video of how to make this project or follow along with the steps below.

  1. Place you scrap piece of 12” x 12” paper onto your craft mat and load it into the machine. Click on “patterns,” then the basic shapes, and then select the heart shape. Resize the heart to be about 10” tall by 10.5” wide. TIP: to “unlock” the height and width sizes click on the button with the arrows indicating height and width before resizing. ScanNCut Valentine's Heart

Next, cut out the heart. Canvas Heart

  1. Click on “home” to go to the start screen, and then again click on Cut out the smaller hearts by again going to “patterns,” then the basic shapes, and then select the heart shape. Resize the heart to be 1” and increase the number to cut out to 20. Place a colored piece of cardstock onto the craft mat and then cut the hearts out. 

ScanNCut cutting hearts

After it’s finished cutting, remove the paper and hearts and then apply another color of cardstock and cut them out. Repeat until all the colors have been cut into hearts. Brother ScanNCut hearts

  1. Place the heart template onto the canvas and use an erasable pen or pencil to mark the edges. Remove the template and arrange the 1” hearts to fill the large heart shape. ScanNCut Valentine's Heart Canvas
  2. Use foam adhesive to adhere the hearts to the canvas. 4 4b
  3. Thread a needle with embroidery floss and then sew a heart shape around the outside edge of the heart of hearts. 

            TIP: use the erasable pen to draw a line to stitch over.5

And voila! You’re done!

Valentine's Day Die Cut Heart Canvas

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