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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

This week it's time for me to go back to work and with the new year we all need a new calendar to hang on our wall. This one is great since it’s made using an acrylic sign holder, so you can write on it with dry erase markers this month and then erase it and have a blank slate for February.

0 Wall Calendar




Watch this video tutorial, or follow along with the written instructions below.


  1. Download the Calendar and the year cut file from and Download the New Year’s Eve Glasses cut file from ScanNCutCanvas. 1
  2. Load the calendar cut file onto your ScanNCut and cut it out of gold craft vinyl. If you use a different size sign holder you will need to adjust the size before cutting. Be sure to perform a test cut to determine your blade depth. You want your blade to cut through the vinyl, but not through the vinyl backing paper. 2
  3. Cut the New Year’s Glasses and “2018” out of black craft vinyl and put it aside for later. 3
  4. Trim your scrapbook paper to fit your sign holder and insert the paper inside it. 4
  5. Weed out the negative parts of the calendar, New Year’s Glasses, and 2018 by slowly pealing back the parts of the vinyl you won’t be using. The pick tool is helpful to get the tiny pieces out. 5
  6. Apply a piece of grid transfer paper on top of the calendar design making sure to use the grid marks to like up your design so it’s straight. Burnish it so the vinyl adheres to the transfer paper. 6
  7. Slowly peel up the transfer paper to lift off the vinyl design. 7
  8. Line up the edge of grid paper and the edge of the sign holder. Smooth the transfer paper onto the acrylic sign and then burnish it to make the vinyl adhere to the sign holder. 8
  9. Repeat that process for the other cut vinyl designs. 9
  10. Thread a piece of ribbon through the two panes of the sign holder and tie a bow in which to hang your calendar. 10

Your calendar is all set to fill out for the month!  Next month you can just erase your writing, remove the “January,” and apply “February,” and then switch out any of the decorative pieces.11


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