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Make Your Own Planner Stickers! #ScanNCut

Planner Stickers

Old school traditional planners are all the rage these day, are you using one?  While I’m a digi-calendar girl for my appointments I do like to keep track of other things on paper and having is neatly organized in a pretty planner has been a great way to do it.

As I’ve been working in my planner I’ve wanted to incorporate my own stickers so I whipped up some so I can print them and then use my ScanNCut to cut them out.  I love how I can have my ScanNCut cut .04” away from the edge of the designs so that it really looks like a sticker!

You can download the sticker design I made here.





Watch video instructions HERE


  1. Print out the sticker design onto the white sticker paper and allow the ink to dry. Be sure to use a sticker paper that is compatible with your printer. Step 1
  2. Place the printed-on sticker paper onto a low tack or middle tack ScanNCut mat and load it into the machine. Step2
  3. Choose “Scan,” then press “Direct Cut,” and then select which device you want the scanned image to be converted on…I used my ScanNCut. Step 3
  4. Choose the color recognition mode and press the “start” button. Step 4
  5. Once the scan is complete use the handles to frame the design and press “ok.” Step 5
  6. After it processes the design choose how much of a boarder you want around each sticker by making changes under the “Seam Allowance/Outline” button. I choose a boarder of 0.04.”  When finished press “ok.” Step 6
  7. Make sure your cutting blade is set so that it only cuts through the sticker paper and not through the sticker paper’s backing. I used a blade depth of 3.5, but yours may be different depending on the difference in our blades use. Step 7

When ready, press “cut” and then press the “start” button to begin cutting. Step 7b

  1. When cutting is complete unload the cutting mat and remove the sticker paper from it. Your stickers are now ready to use! Step 8


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