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Thanksgiving Place Setting


Looking for an autumn place setting that’s perfect for your Thanksgiving table? Here’s just the thing!



(click here for video instructions)

To create the Napkin Ring

  1. Cut out the following sizes of squares out of the corresponding cardstock. 1
  2. Roll each of the squares into a cone shape and glue to hold each of them together. 2
  3. Glue each of the brown cones onto the circle. 4
  4. Glue each of the orange cones on top of the brown cones. 5
  5. Glue each of the peach colored cones on top of the orange cones. 6
  6. Cut a 2” section from the toilet paper tube and adhere the flower to it. 7

And you’re finished with the napkin ring!


To create the place card

  1. Adhere a 6” x 6” kraft cardstock and a a 6” x 6” orange cardstock to the mat. 9
  2. Load the “placecard.fcm” file onto your machine and cut it out. 10
  3. Layer the cut designs so that the kraft one is on top of the orange one. Glue in place. 11
  4. Add a name to the card. Placecard1

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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