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Create Unicorn Cupcake Holders & Sign

Cupcakes and Sign1

Whether it’s for a birthday or just for fun these unicorn cupcake holders are sure to bring a smile to the receiver’s face!



  1. Download the free cut files from the following links: ScanNCut Cut Files
  2. To create the cupcake holder, load the Unicorn Ears cut file onto your ScanNCut and duplicate the shapes for the number of cupcake holders you are making. Place the pink cardstock onto the mat and insert it into the machine and cut out the shapes. Remove the pieces from the mat and set them aside. Repeat the process to cut out the Unicorn horn on gold cardstock. 2
  3. For each ear, gently overlap the two bottom edges and glue them into place. 3
  4. Glue the ears and the horn to the inverted cup to create the cupcake cover. 4
  5. If desired glue ribbon along the edge of the lid to embellish the cupcake holder. 5
  6. Place a cupcake onto the holder and place the cover on it. 6


To create the sign:

  1. Load the “Life is Sweet” cut file onto your ScanNCut. Place a piece of white craft vinyl onto the mat and insert it into the machine and then cut out the design. (Remember to do a test cut to determine the proper blade depth.) Screenshot life is sweet
  2. Remove the vinyl from the mat and then gently peel off the vinyl off the negative areas of the design. It is helpful to use the hook tool to remove the insides of letters. S2
  3. Remove the backing to the grid transfer sheet and smooth it onto the vinyl design. Burnish over the design so it sticks to the transfer sheet. S3
  4. Slowly lift the transfer sheet up to peel up the vinyl design. Place the transfer sheet onto the center of the chalk board. Burnish over the design again so it sticks to the chalk board. S4
  5. Slowly lift the transfer sheet off of the vinyl design and chalkboard. S5


Cupcakes and Sign2


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