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Make Your Own Summer Pennant

Summer Pennant White BkgdThere is just about 50 days of summer left...let's celebrate before the cooler weather comes to town.  Now you might not think of using felt very much in the summer, but it is a great way to add texture and create dimension on your projects any time of year. Now I usually use 100% wool felt for my felt projects, but I get so many emails about using craft felt that I thought I’d try it for this project.  The craft felt I’m using for this project is a blend of 35% Marino wool and 65% rayon and is about 2mm thick and comes in so many bright, fun summer colors.



Watch this video on how to create this project for follow the written instructions below.

1.  Begin by cutting out all of the felt pieces using the following built in designs:

 (****NOTE: preform a test cut first to determine the correct settings. I used a standard blade depth of 11 and a pressure of 5, but your settings may be different depending on how new your mat and blade are and the type of felt you use.) Cutting Guide wide for video
Use the scanning feature to cut shapes out of left over felt. Use up all those scraps!!!

Scan Scraps with ScanNCut

When removing the felt from the mat be sure to gently weed out the negative pieces of felt and then use a spatula to remove the flower and leave pieces so they retain their shape.



2. Download the “summer” cut file here and then cut out the letters using the left over scraps of felt. Summer


3. For the yellow roses, roll up the border strip while applying small dots of glue. Allow to dry. Repeat for the remaining borders. Yellow Rose


4.  Embroider the top layer of flowers and leaves. Sew a button onto the center of each top flower layer. Button


5.  Embroidery each of the “summer” letters using a different embroidery stitch. Embroider Letters


6.  Glue the top and bottom flower layers together to create a whole flower. Repeat for all the flowers. Assemble Flowers


7.  Using scraps of felt, cut thin strips of felt, about ¼” x 1 ½” long. Fold it in thirds or fourth and glue it onto the back of the flower to pop it up and give it some height. You can do this for just some of the flowers or all of them depending on your preference. Step 7


8.  Adhere the letters, flowers and leaves to the pennant with glue. Flowers

Do you want to attach a wooden dowel to it? Here's a video on how I did it:


Is your mat all gunky now from cutting felt?  Here's a video on how to clean it!

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