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Making Stamps With Your ScanNCut

Creating Viny Wall Art With Your ScanNCut

We are gearing up for my niece to come visit us again this summer and I thought it would be cool if she had a spot to hang up whatever photos she wants in her room. To create it I designed a 12” x 24” design in ScanNCutCanvas and then cut it out of vinyl and hung it on the wall. I then added a few clips to it for her photos, and now she can change them out whenever she wants to without a lot of hassle.  You can watch how the whole thing came together here in this video tutorial or follow the steps below and don't forget to download the free cut file here.



ScanNCut Machine and Accessories

12” x 24” ScanNCut Cutting Mat

Craft Vinyl – Black and Pink

Grid Transfer Paper




Removable Wall Adhesive

Washi Tape (optional)

Free ScanNCut Cut File



 1.  Create your design in ScanNCutCanvas on a 12” x 24” mat. Use ScanNCut Transfer or a USB stick to transfer the design to your ScanNCut.


2.  Set your ScanNCut so that it knows it's using a 12” x 24” mat by clicking on the wrench tool setting and then changing the mat size. Cut out your design on craft vinyl.

1 change snc mat size

3.  Weed out the negative parts of the design that is on the vinyl.

3 weed

3 weed1

3 week2

4.  Remove the backing from the grid transfer paper and apply it to the top of the vinyl lining up the vinyl's backing edge with the line on the transfer paper. Use your fingernail, ScanNCut spatula, or other tool to burnish the vinyl onto the transfer paper.

4 transfer ppr


5.  Place it onto your wall using washi tape to hold it in place if needed. Use a level to make sure it's on straight.

5 level

6.  Using the level, mark with pencil each of the four edges of the transfer paper with a hash mark that extends onto the wall.

5 level1

7.  Remove the transfer paper and vinyl from the wall and slowly peel the transfer paper and vinyl away from the backing.

6 remove backing

8.  Place the transfer paper and vinyl back onto the wall, lining up all four of the hash marks. Double check your vinyl design is level.

9.  Burnish the vinyl onto the wall and then slowly remove the transfer paper. If any parts of the vinyl continue to stick to the transfer paper instead of the wall, carefully reapply the transfer paper and burnish it again before retrying.

7 remove trans ppr

10.  Place the square and rectangle vinyl photo mounts you cut onto the wall like you would stickers.

8 stickers

11.  Apply removable wall adhesive to the back of the clips and adhere it onto the vinyl photo mounts and then add photos.

9 clip wall
9 clip wall

Friendship Wall Art Viny1l

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