2017 Daily Art Journal - March Week 1
Creating Viny Wall Art With Your ScanNCut

Travel Journal

Travel Journal B

Whenever I travel I like to take a lot of photos and collect maps and other odds and ends from my trips and then keep them in a travel journal like this one. The photo map on the cover is put together like a puzzle using photos from the states we've traveled to and when we visit a new one we just add that one on top of the patterned paper one that's holding it's place. I used my ScanNCut to create it by cutting out pictures from our travels and scrapbook papers into the state shapes.



ScanNCut Machine and Accessories

ScanNCut Font Converter


Cut Files: Title, Map

3 pieces of patterned paper

1 piece of black cardstock




Black Pen

White Pen

Ribbons (optional)



Instructions: (for video instructions click here.)

Follow the video instructions or follow the step-by-step ones below. 

1. You can download entire title HERE, or create your own by following these steps:

  • Open the ScanNCut Font Converter, choose your font and type out the words and then save them. If you are using different fonts in your title create and save them separately.


  • Open up ScanNCutCanvas, click on the “Import File” button. Select the font file you just created and open it. Depending on the style of font you used you may need to weld the letters together or group them to move them or resize them.


  • Add a rectangle or other shape around the words and then cut out your design on black cardstock.


2. In ScanNCut Canvas, open the public domain map of the United States, resize it if necessary and then send it to your ScanNCut machine using ScanNCut Transfer or a USB. Cut out three versions of the map using three different colors and patterns of scrapbook paper.



3. Resize your photos smaller and print them out. Delete the states you don't have photos for. Fill the mat with photos and then scan it in. Move each of the state shapes over the correct photo, zooming in if necessary to place it in the perfect spot on the photo. Cut them out.



4. Use a pencil and one of the negative pieces of the map cardstock to trace the outline of the United States onto the front of your journal. Use adhesive to assemble each of the state photos or patterned paper in the correct place.



5. Embellish the cover with doodles, travel quotes and ribbons.



 Happy travels!


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