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Valentine's Day Wreath

Get your home Valentine's ready with this easy, no-sew, Valentine's Day wreath!

  2017 Valentine Wreath12


ScanNCut Machine and Accessories

ScanNCut High Tack Fabric Support Sheet

Large Valentine Wreath (for base)

Wire Cutters

1 - Yard of Batting

1 - Yard of Houndstooth Fabric

3 - 9''x12'' Pieces of Craft Felt, one red, one pink, one black

1- ¼'' Wood Dowel

White Acrylic Paint

Fiber Fill Stuffing


Pearl Pins

Hot Glue Gun and Glue



1 – Place the ScanNCut High Tack Fabric Support Sheet onto your ScanNCut mat and then adhere a piece of felt onto it.


2 – Doing a test cut first, cut out 8 red felt and 6 pink felt of pre-installed shape BA-A067 (heart) and 2 black felt shape BA-A030. 

2017 Valentine Wreath2a

2017 Valentine Wreath2a



3 – Disassemble the Valentine's wreath to get the heart shaped base.  You may need wire cutters to remove the decorations.  2017 Valentine Wreath-3

4 – Wrap strips of approximately 5'' wide batting around the heart base, covering it completely.  2017 Valentine Wreath4

5 – Wrap strips of approximately 5” wide fabric over the batting, gluing it into place with hot glue.  2017 Valentine Wreath5

6 – Set 2 red felt hearts aside and arrange the remaining felt hearts as desired and glue into place.  2017 Valentine Wreath6

7 – Paint the wood dowel white and allow it to dry.


8 – With the remaining two hearts, hot glue the edges together leaving a gap so you can stuff it. Do the same with the black “feathers.”  2017 Valentine Wreath8

9 – Stuff the heart and feathers with stuffing.  2017 Valentine Wreath9

10 – Apply hot glue to the end of the dowel and insert it into the heart and then glue the heart closed. Repeat with the feathers at the other end of the dowel. 2017 Valentine Wreath10

11 – Hot glue the arrow onto the backside of the wreath.2017 Valentine Wreath11

12 – Attach a ribbon to the top of the wreath and insert pearl pins into the hearts for embellishment. 2017 Valentine Wreath12 2017 Valentine Wreath13

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