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Embossed Metal Christmas Ornament

Embossed Christmas Ornament 1

I love the holidays and am really looking forward to celebrating with friends and family. Every year we try to add to our ornament collection and this year I thought it would be fun to make some ornaments using my ScanNCut.






Watch this tutorial video or follow along with the steps below:


Activate the embossing function on your free account in ScanNCutCanvas using the activation code inside the ScanNCut Embossing Kit. Next, activate it on your ScanNCut machine by pushing the wrench button to open the settings and then scroll to the “Premium Functions” and select “on” next to “Kit Activation”.



In ScanNCutCanvas choose “line embossing” and then select the Christmas tree embossing pattern and size it to 3.25” x 2.4”. Click on the “Download” button and choose how you want to load it onto your ScanNCut. On your ScanNCut machine recall the pattern.



Place the embossing mat, green side down, on top of a standard cutting mat with the tab on the bottom left and then remove the protective sheet. Place the silver metal sheet, with the protective sheets still on, onto the embossing mat and insert it into your machine.



Press the scan icon to begin scanning in the metal sheet so you can place the pattern where you want it.



Press the embossing icon (the icon with the + and box on it) and click on “Line Emboss” and then press the settings icon and change the embossing pressure to 0. Place the desired embossing tool into the embossing tool holder and insert it into the machine.



Press “emboss” and then “start” and the ScanNCut will begin embossing the metal sheet with your pattern.


Carefully remove the embossed metal sheet from the embossing mat, leaving the protective sheets on it, and then trace a 3.5” circle around the Christmas tree and cut it out with scallop scissors.



Use alcohol markers to color in the pattern.


Using your ScanNCut machine, cut out a 3.75” circle out of the corrugated cardboard, and a 4.25” circle out of red cardstock. Adhere the embossed metal sheet onto the cardboard, and then adhere that to the red cardstock. Place foam adhesive on the back of the cardstock to adhere it to the center of the 5.5” bottlecap.




Using a glue gun embellish the ornament with faux snow and holly and then hang it on your tree!




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