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It's that time of year again for us in the USA to dust off our patriotic decor for the upcoming summer patriotic holidays to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed to give us the freedoms we have and then to celebrate our independence.  How's your decor holding up? Do you need to replace some of it?

Here are a few various patriotic projects you can quickly whip up using craft vinyl and your ScanNCut.  When working on multiple projects at once I like to plan out what designs I'm going to need cut out of each color of vinyl and get them all organized on the same "mat" in ScanNCut canvas and then send them over to my ScanNCut using the wireless transfer.  -I love that new feature! While previously using a USB stick to bring my designs back and forth from ScanNCutCanvas to my ScanNCut wasn't hard, THIS is even easier and faster!





You can watch this video of the whole process, or follow along with the instructions below:


1. Load your designs onto the ScanNCut and cut them out. Be sure to do a test cut first to ensure you are only cutting through your vinyl and not through the backing.

Test Cut (1)

2. Weed the negative areas out of the vinyl design.Weed Vinyl1

Repeat until they are all weeded and ready to be used.
Weed Vinyl1

3. If you've cut out any embellishing designs (like I did with the stars in the example below) use transfer paper to layer them on top of your vinyl design. 
Weed Vinyl1

4. Apply transfer paper over the entire design, burnish it well with your spatula, remove it from the backing, then take it to your project, burnish it again, and then remove the transfer paper.  I really like using the clear grid transfer paper because it makes it much easier to line things up.
Weed Vinyl1
Weed Vinyl1

You don't always need to use transfer paper though. If your design is simple, and you want a random pattern, just use your vinyl cut outs like a sticker and place them where every you'd like.

Make Stickers


And snap, we're done! Such fast projects!

Weed Vinyl1

Weed Vinyl1

Weed Vinyl1

Happy crafting!


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