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Using Asphalt Texture Paste in Mixed Media Projects

FaberCastell Asphalt

I had so much fun trying out the new Asphalt Texture Paste from Faber-Castell.  It's a nice course, heavy weight paste that is opaque and dries with a matte finish. Here's a video I whipped up showing me testing it out on various materials:


I love testing out new products on Project Life sized cards (3" x 4") since I can then use them in my albums or just punch a hole in them and put them on a ring to reference when I need ideas.  Here's the ways I tested the Asphalt Texture Paste:

I used it on a transparency with a stencil....

FaberCastell AsphaltOn wood veneer with Texture cards.... 
FaberCastell AsphaltOn textured cardstock using a pallet knife...
FaberCastell AsphaltOn canvas using a stencil and etching in a heart with a paper piercer...
FaberCastell Asphalt

On chipboard with a stencil and then stamping a lid into it to create rings...
FaberCastell Asphalt


Go try it out on your projects, it's fun!!


Disclosure: Erin is a paid consultant and has received  products from Faber-Castell  to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely her own and based on her use of the products.

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