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Heart Candy Kirigami - Title

This is a fun decoration for Valentine's Day, but it can also be filled with candy and used as cute gift wrap since it looks like a little piece of candy! While it looks pretty fancy it's actually really easy to make, especially when you use your ScanNCut to cut out the pieces you need.

To get started making this project I downloaded the original design, and asked permission to adapt the design it and after I got his blessing I then imported it into ScanNCutCanvas and got to work adding the heart details and duplicating each of the segments to create THIS (free) cut file that you can download and use.


To see how to create this project, watch THIS video:





  • Open up the FCM file in your ScanNCut and cut out all of the pieces with both pieces of cardstock. You will need 9 – 10 segments cut for each “candy”.


To assemble:

  • Choose one segment to be your “hook”. All of the other pieces will hook onto this and will fan equally around in a circle.

Heart Candy Kirigami - Step1
Heart Candy Kirigami - Step1

  • Once they all interlock flip the piece over.

Heart Candy Kirigami - Step2b
Heart Candy Kirigami - Step2b

  • Again choose a “hook” and begin hooking all the other segments onto it to finish off the project.

Heart Candy Kirigami - Step3
Heart Candy Kirigami - Step3

Now you get to choose how you use it. Will you fill it with candy and give it away or are you going to make some decorations out of it?

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