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What To Do With Leftover Jewelry Resin?

So if you caught my blog post the other day, you saw I created a necklace pendant with Ice Resin...and if you watched the tutorial video closely you saw that I had leftover resin. Boo! Now if I wasn't making a tutorial I would have made up some other pendants or jewelry pieces with it, but time was ticking so I just made resin paper with it instead, and I didn't really plan on making a blog post out of it so you'll have to forgive my lack of step by step photos, but here's video of what I did:

Resin paper is just what it sounds like....paper coated with resin. In the past I've coated old ephemera letters, bookkeeper logs, sheet music, etc. and they come out really cool. This time I just grabbed what was on the top of my mixed media paper stash and it was modern tissue paper. 

Resin Tissue Paper - Christmas Card 8

And because someone (or 100 someones will email me), yes my ScanNCut2 cut through it.  The paper is still very flexible, not thick or hard (I put the resin on sparingly). I would not recommend trying it on thicker coated papers since you could damage your blade or machine...when in doubt, don't! I did use the same settings on my ScanNCut2 to cut through the cardstock and the resin tissue paper.

I'm loving how transparent it turned out! And this is just with one side coated in resin...if I wanted to I could coat the other side as well now that it's dry...if I was feeling particularly patient. Which I almost never am when crafting LOL!

  Resin Tissue Paper - Christmas Card 1

Now to make this quick card I just cut out the built in Christmas tree design that's on my ScanNCut2 on a sheet of 8.5" x 5.5" white cardstock.

Resin Tissue Paper - Christmas Card 9

Then I selected the image on my machine and clicked on the seam allowance/outline button so that it would add a border around the design before cutting it out.

Resin Tissue Paper - Christmas Card 7

I then put my resin paper onto the mat, scanned it to make sure my design was cutting where I wanted it to and then cut out the tree on the resin paper using the same blade depth as I did with the cardstock (which was 3.5 for me).

Resin Tissue Paper - Christmas Card 6

I then put tiny dots of glue around the tree on the inside of the card and then placed my resin paper tree onto it....now it's like a window on the front of my card.

Resin Tissue Paper - Christmas Card 4

 I finished it off by stamping a sentiment onto it.

Resin Tissue Paper - Christmas Card 2

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