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DIY Pocket Cards

Are you like me with a bunch of scrap papers left over from scrapbook pages, and extra pre-cut pocket cards just waiting to be used? I'll admit, in the past I've thrown out perfectly good scraps and given away pocket-cards I knew I was never going to get around to using...because really how many “best day ever” cards can a girl have and use? But now I've decided to stop buying cut back on the amount of artsy stuff I'm buying an make do with what I already have...hello, I can paint over those best day cards or even just use them to practice new techniques on!

So in order to use up the stuff I have I started cutting down white textured cardstock scraps  to 3" x 4", which is the perfect size for pocket cards. Now originally I used these papers for testing out some  fun products for Faber-Castell and wound up having a bunch of them with the same stencil pattern gesso'd onto them. So today I'm sharing with you what I did with two of those can check out this short video below to see the process of how I created them.

As I said, I started by using a stencil and applying gesso over it. After I removed the stencil I let the gesso dry.


 Next, I rubbed some Gelatos® from the Bright collection over the gesso and activated it with a wet paint brush.  I love how easily the color spreads and how well the colors blend together.



Pocket Card3


Easy peasy! Now I have a great background to work with in my pocket page scrapbooking.






Next up is another white cardstock card that had the same stencil & gesso technique done to it. Once it was dry I just used my handy-dandy fine point Sharpie pen to outline the raised portion of the gesso.


Notice it's NOT perfect! Perfection is over rated.  ;)

Once I finished outlining the sectioned I just made quick hash marks down each of the "aisles".

  Pocket Card2

It's not even or straight...which makes it perfect in my book. While you probably can't see it in this photo, the gesso texture is really cool in real life.  It would be fun to mix in some colored paint or Gelatos in the gesso too to give it another look.


How are you stretching your supplies and making authentically YOU art to use in your projects? I'd love to hear your ideas so comment below.




Disclosure: Erin is a paid consultant for Faber-Castell and has received  products from them to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely her own and based on her use of the products.

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