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{Book Club} For The Love

FTL Launch Team - Erin Bassett

You guys (or I should probably say ladies since I'm pretty sure that's who most of you are), this is a book you need to read. Especially if you're hard on yourself, or hard on other people and looking for grace. Now "grace" is one of those words Christ followers use a lot and expect that the rest of the world knows what we're talking about...but a lot of words have different dictionaries for different people, so when I say "grace" I mean getting the good we don't deserve. On the vertical relationship between God and myself He's given me the grace of eternal life instead of the judgment I deserve.  (Romans 5:7-8) And because He is so gracious with me, I can be gracious with others horizontally.  (Colossians 3:12-17) So ask yourself...Are you piling shame and guilt on people (or yourself), or are you freeing them? Are you consistently pointing out your kids strengths or their failures? Are you loving the unlovable people in your life?  

Ok, so if your heart is heavy get ready because now is the time for grace. Jen Hatmaker's book is both light-hearted and deep. I laughed, I felt convicted. It's good!! Now, I will tell you that it's wrote in a very conversational essay style, which is not the type of book I usually read so it took me a bit to adjust to that style and think of it as sitting down for coffee with Jen and chatting about life. Real life.

So now I envite y'all (Jen's from TX so I'll go with that LOL!) to join me in reading For the Love. There's an online book club starting up September 15th, and you get some freebies for signing up too. Check out what Jen has to say about it in this video:



Disclaimer: I am part of the launch team for this book and was giving a free copy of it and invited to the launch party, however I truly would not recommend this book, or any other product on my site unless I really did like it. Trust me, I turn a lot of stuff down because it's not good! ;)

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