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Ready. Set. Create!

Phew! I'm back home and recuperated from a FUN, FUN, FUN weekend away with my girlfriends at Ready, Set, Create.  

photo credit: Stephanie Mehlem

I have a lot of projects to share with you and I figured the easiest and quickest way to do it is to whip up a video, so here you go:



 If As I finish up projects I'll post them here on my blog.  :)

Ranger tags


disclaimer: I was in NO WAY compensated for writing this article, opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Yay, My First Rocksbox!

Jewelry quote

Have you heard about Rocksbox? It's a great way to add jewelry into your life with out the clutter, big price tag, and boredom you sometimes get from trendy pieces when the trend is dying out.

Here's a video of what was in my first box:


When Rocksbox first asked me to try out their jewelry I wasn't too sure about the whole thing...I'm really picky with jewelry...but my stylist did a great job with figuring out what would work for me based on their style survey. I love that the three pieces they sent in my first box work great together and on their own mixed with things I already own. Now the tough part is figuring if I just want to continue to borrow it or if I should splurge and buy it!

Rocksbox bracelet2b
Chime in if you have an opinion!  I'm really thinking about keeping the's too versatile to pass up!

Rocksbox earrings necklace2

Hurry on over to Rocksbox and use code: erinbff528 to get your first month FREE!!


sponsor: Rocksbox

Disclosure: I have received jewelry from Rocksbox to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy from this link it won't cost you a penny more but I make a little bit of money (not enough for a pony)


More Circle Journaling!

Here's the rest of the pages I did this past week.  These are also for the set of Circle Journals my girlfriends and I are doing. 

I-AM 1

For these pages we had to answer the following questions:

  • What's your favorite color?
  • What is your favorite animal?
  • What is your favorite body of water?
  • If you were in a white room with NO windows and NO doors how would your feel?

We had to answer each of these describing at least 3 feelings.

I-AM 1

I ended up answering the questions in a little matchbook and inserted it in the page protector. I just used my craft knife to add slits to the plastic so I could pull the cover and page inserts through.
I-AM 1 I-AM 1

Inside the matchbook...
I-AM 1 I-AM 1

This was fun to do.  I've been doing so many pocket pages when I scrapbook that it was fun to do full pages.  


Pocket Pages: Guilty Pleasures

I actually scrapbooked this week! Woo-hoo! 

Now, I will be the first to admit that these are not super guilty pleasures...they are more like some of my favorite things.  I mean, how can tacos be wrong?!

GuiltyPleasures 1

This pages are for the continuing set of Circle Journals my girlfriends and I are doing.  I added an extra page...I have a lot of "pleasures"!

Here's the pups!

GuiltyPleasures 2

And here's the back...just some of my favorite arts and crafts.
GuiltyPleasures 2

And here's the final favorite scrapbooking snack: peanut butter filled pretzels and mini M&Ms....Lappert's Mango Sorbet (I get it whenever I'm in Hawaii)...Coffee, of course...and Hugo's Tacos!  

And I love traveling...whether by foot, by air, or by boat!

GuiltyPleasures 4

Also, in this Circle Journal there's a check-in here's what I made for it.

GuiltyPleasures 5
GuiltyPleasures 6
disclaimer: this post contains links to places I love, I'm NOT being paid to tell you about them!  :)


Beautiful Montana

I'm going through my photos from our trip to Montana this summer so I can figure out which ones to print for scrapbooking.  Here's some of my faves from just driving around...

These photos were shot with my cell phone or my little point and shoot camera that is usually with me when I travel. I promise next time I'll bring my big camera.  ;)


Montana 6

Montana 6
Montana 6
Montana 6

Montana 6
art by Juliann Steiner

Many of the utility boxes on the streets of Montana and Wyoming are artsy.  I'm loving this one that is near Yellowstone.

Speaking of Yellowstone, I'll post pics from there shortly.  This was my second trip to Yellowstone this year and I marveled just as much this time as the last.  You NEED to put it on your Must Do List!


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy from this link it won't cost you a penny more but I make a little bit of money (not enough for a pony)