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June 2015

Watercolor Play

I've continued to play around with my watercolors without really having an end goal, but since I was using stamps on these I think I'll turn them into cards or something.  These aren't finished cards yet, but you get the idea.  ;)

Watercolor Birthday Card 1

And like many of you I struggle to do masculine cards, so here's my go at one...I'm liking the gold embossing powder on here, but this just kinda of boring...maybe I'll add some washi tape or other embellishment under the sentiment to jazz it up some.

Masculine Watercolor Birthday Card 1

A tip for you


When creating a background wash of watercolors tape down your paper with low-tack adhesive (ie: washi tape) so your paper will stay put until it dries. Bonus, you get a nice frame around your page!


ScanNCut Father's Day Gift Idea

!ScanNCut - Dad Photo Frame - Title2Father's Day is approaching and it's time to rack your brain for a great gift idea that will show Dad how much you care.  Here's your step by step tutorial on how to create this great wooden photo mat using your ScanNCut.  Once it's finished you can just pop in some great photos of you and that special man in your life.

See the video of how to create this HERE:




Step 1 - Open up your photo editing program and type out the word "Dad" using Chunk Five EX font (or a font of your choice) on a 5" x 7" background.  Save your design as a .jpg.

Creating Design Step 1

Open up ScanNCutCanvas and click on "new" to open up a new project.  Next click on the leaf icon which opens up the Image Tracing screen.  Choose the file you just created and then click on "color" and "ok".  You can then add a 5"x7" rectangle around your word and then save your design as an .fcm file.

!ScanNCut - Creating Design Step 2

Step 2 - Insert the USB flash drive into your ScanNCut and then click on "Patterns," "Saved Data," and then the USB symbol.  Find your .fcm file and then click "ok". You can now attach your paper thin wood veneer to your mat, load it into your machine, and then cut out your design. 

The settings I used were: Blade = 5; Speed = 1; Pressure = 0....but you may need to use different settings.

!ScanNCut - Dad Photo Frame - Title2
Step 3 - Select and print the photos you'd like to use in the frame and then figure out how you want them placed.
ScanNCut - Dad Photo Frame - 1b Cut Text
I used a pencil to mark on my photos where I needed to trim them. 

!ScanNCut - Dad Photo Frame - Title2And then I cut just slightly inside that line so the mark didn't show and then adhered it to the wood mat with some archival adhesive.  You don't need a lot of adhesive since your photo will be sandwiched in the frame.
!ScanNCut - Dad Photo Frame - Title2Step 4 - Insert your wood mat into the frame so that it's centered.  You may want to place a little bit of adhesive on the back of the mat to hold it in place.
!ScanNCut - Dad Photo Frame - Title2Step 5 - Reassemble your mat, glass, and frame.
!ScanNCut - Dad Photo Frame - Title2And you're done! Dad is going to love it!
!ScanNCut - Dad Photo Frame - Title2


Sponsor: Brother International 

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product. 

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DIY Jewelry Earring Holder

After moving (over a year ago) my jewelry became quite a mess.  Necklaces tangled. Earrings and rings awry. Day after day I just delt with it since I didn't have time to fix it. 

DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2Today that stops, or I'm going to lose my mind.

While I was purging my studio/office I found a 12"x12" sheet of punched metal that was giving to me at a trade show and although I loved it & wanted to use it I just never got around to it until now. So while I was at my local craft & hobby store I picked up one of those adjustable shadow boxes that you have the ability to layer stuff in, and crossed my fingers that the metal sheet would fit into it. (It did, just barely.)
DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2The way I ended up sandwiching this whole thing together was by flipping the frame upside down and removing the glass.  Then I added two of the frame inserts, adding the metal sheet, adding another frame insert, added the glass, added a white piece of cardstock (I tried different patterned papers but it was just too busy and I wanted my earrings to be easily chosen without distraction.), and then I finally added the frame backing on.
DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2Then I started the arduous task of sorting through my earring pile. Not fun...but I'm making headway...and I've discovered I have a lot of earrings.  ;)  Time to purge & make second earring holder!
DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2
DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2


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