Summer Daily(ish) Art Journal - Day 1
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DIY Jewelry Earring Holder

After moving (over a year ago) my jewelry became quite a mess.  Necklaces tangled. Earrings and rings awry. Day after day I just delt with it since I didn't have time to fix it. 

DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2Today that stops, or I'm going to lose my mind.

While I was purging my studio/office I found a 12"x12" sheet of punched metal that was giving to me at a trade show and although I loved it & wanted to use it I just never got around to it until now. So while I was at my local craft & hobby store I picked up one of those adjustable shadow boxes that you have the ability to layer stuff in, and crossed my fingers that the metal sheet would fit into it. (It did, just barely.)
DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2The way I ended up sandwiching this whole thing together was by flipping the frame upside down and removing the glass.  Then I added two of the frame inserts, adding the metal sheet, adding another frame insert, added the glass, added a white piece of cardstock (I tried different patterned papers but it was just too busy and I wanted my earrings to be easily chosen without distraction.), and then I finally added the frame backing on.
DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2Then I started the arduous task of sorting through my earring pile. Not fun...but I'm making headway...and I've discovered I have a lot of earrings.  ;)  Time to purge & make second earring holder!
DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2
DIY Jewelry Earring Holder 2


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