Truth Scrap...THIS Saturday 1/31/15
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So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life or with all of the creative ideas that are out there just waiting for you on your Pinterest page?  (If not, you can visit my Pinterest page HERE!)

I'm right there with ya!  This year has been hard for me to not constantly be playing catch up with my home and work life...partly because of these devils cuties, don't get me wrong, I love them, but boy does having a puppy wreak havoc on your calendar.

Golden Retriever Australian Labradoodle

Well, I'm still determined to get back on track and I have been working on some blog articles just for you...but in the meanwhile here's some of my favorite spring projects I'd like to add to my "maybe I'll make this" list.

Crochet cake dome
Crochet Cake Dome from: Daily Fix
He Has Risen PrintableHe Has Risen FREE Printable from The 36th Avenue
Wire letters DIY ornament
Personalized Wire Ornaments by Crafts Unleashed

Happy crafting!