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Using Stickers for Art Journaling in Your Bible

Illustrated Faith: Art Journaling in a Bible

So the other night I posted on social media that I finally joined in on the #IllustratedFaith #ScriptureDoodling bandwagon and there was quite a reaction.  Thank you everyone for your love!!! It was very encouraging!  Hopefully this blog post will answer all the questions that I've gotten. 

Bible Journaling Psalm

Truth be told, I had resisted this whole "art journaling in your Bible" movement at first since I already do a lot of Bible studying and I didn't want to take time away from that in order to "play". BUT, the seed was planted. Just about every time I cracked open my Bible I could see how I could incorporate this into my life by keeping it simple and recording what I was already learning.


Buying a new Bible

So first things first, I knew that for me, I needed another Bible to work in.  After much, much searching I finally narrowed it down to the Hardcover ESV Single column Journaling Bible...if you're a KJV or NIV reader there are Journaling Bibles and Notetaker's Bibles for you too. And of course they come with a variety of covers, I went with the black hardcover so I can do something "arty" to it in the future.

After my new Bible arrived it just sat on my desk. I didn't know where to start or what art journaling method to try first...especially since the pages are thin (not as thin as in my regular Bible, but still pretty thin). I was really, really worried that the bleeding through would bother me & considered using clear gesso on my pages first...the only draw back to that would be that the pages might crinkle and would be heavier then the non-illustrated pages, both of which might make me nuts.  Then I read Stephanie's hash tag she posted on one of her photos: #itdoesbleedbutsodidHE. So true! So with that I decided to just go for it! Like my other art journals I plan to just go with the flow, incorporating spilled paint, crinkled pages, and whatever else may happen into my new pages.  My regular artwork has plenty of "mistakes", why should this be any different?

Bible Journaling Supplies

Products used

For this first page I used the following supplies:


My process

I plan on using a lot of different techniques on my pages, but since I got soooooo many questions on my first page I thought I'd break down what I did.

  • Prayed about where to start and started reading over my more recent notes until something jumped back out at me as something I'd want to record in this Bible.
  • Next I read over the verses and noticed the word "heart" being used & marked those with a pink heart.
  • I knew I wanted to mask off one of the words I would use so I broke out some Thickers that were loosing their stickiness (all of my Thickers fall into this category, they just won't stay sticky!) and figured out what word I'd use and where to place it. 
  • I then did a sketch of my words in pencil onto the page.
  • I considered using water colors, but decided on spray inks. I started with the Perfect Pearls Mist because it's a light color that really just adds some shimmer and light color to the page.  I used my heat gun to dry the page, and yes it did curl and crinkle some.
  • Next I took my Mini Mister and added 4 drops of Adirondack Color Wash & filled the rest up with water.  Then I spritzed the lower half of the page with the diluted wash, blotted, and dried with my heat gun.
  • I then went over my sketched words with my Micron pen.
  • And lastly I added some shading to all of the letters with my PITT Pen and a bit of charcoal pencil on the masked off letters.

Bible Journaling Psalm - CloseUp


And to answer all of you who are dying to know if it bled through to the other side....yes it did, and I am ok with it!

Bible Journaling Psalm - Bleed throughPlease let me know if you have any other questions!




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