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ScanNCut: Cleaning Mats

As an impatient crafter I use a few different cutting mats with my ScanNCut® so I don't have to be slowed down by cleaning all the little bits off while I'm working. I'd much rather be crafting along then cleaning stuff (as you can tell by my inked up stamps, painted on stencils, etc. LOL!-) I just don't clean my art stuff unless it's necessary, and cutting mats are one of those necessities! Having a clean mat allows whatever material you are using to stick well to the mat so that it cuts cleanly without your material lifting off the mat and causing problems.

Cleaning ScanNCut Mats

Well, I was organizing my new art studio the other day I was looking at my ScanNCut Mats and how desperately they need a good cleaning!  Now I'm sure you expert digital die-cut machine owners know how to keep your mats clean but for all you newbies I thought I'd pass on how I clean my mats....oh, and you experts, be sure to add any tips you have below in the comments! We'd love to learn from you too!!

Ok, so I start off by scraping all the bits off of my mat. I use an old credit card style hotel room key to get off paper or plastic pieces left behind on my mat.

Cleaning ScanNCut Mats 1

Next I take an alcohol free baby wipe and gently work in a circular scrubbing motion over my mat, using new wipes as I need them. 

Cleaning ScanNCut Mats 2

Ewww, it really gets the gunk off!


Lastly I let my mats dry for about 10 minutes before replacing the plastic protective cover back over them.  The stickiness on my mats is revitalized now that they're clean and I'm able to use them a lot longer if I keep them clean.

Are you a neat freek and clean your mats as you go? Do you have any tips for us? Leave your comments below!



Sponsor: Brother International

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product.