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I'm back from the Choose Joy Conference for Surviving Infertility and Adoption


This past weekend was the Choose Joy conference down in beautiful Laguna Hills, CA and I was blessed to be able to attend again this year. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to be in a group of people with different stories and yet feel totally accepted and understood. Last years conference changed my life with that feeling. I hadn't ever experienced that kind of bonding and empathy since God's timing and plan for our family differed from our own desires. It was amazing then and was amazing once again this year.

There is SO much I could tell you about this event, but really I don't even know where to start, and a lot of it is really personal, so I'll just give you some of the highlights. We got to choose three breakout sessions that were speaking to our heart. Each of the speakers of my sessions were so informative and REAL. Scary real. Which is good and just what I needed. The main speakers, Jen and Brian Dean, were great as well and the Lord really used the scripture they shared to speak to my heart.

So many of my online friends were there too! It was awesome to see friends I already had met in real life before and to finally meet others for the first time as well. It's funny how it feels like a reunion even though you barely know each other in "real life"...or maybe we do know the real us because what draws us together as friends (Jesus + infertility and adoption) is so raw and real. 

If you are attempting to survive infertility or adoption I strongly recommend you trying to come to the next Choose Joy can sign up for email updates here