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Project Life Storage Solution

Well, progress is being made on moving into my new studio! -Although right now it's at the stage of looking like a craft store exploded and I almost want to quit, I will preserver through the chaos and focus on what I hope it will look like, and most importantly function like when it's finished.

As I began to clean out my temporary art cart that I used when we were in temporary housing, I gathered my Project Life supplies and the current working binder I'm using (I'll switch everything over to a pretty black scrapbook that will match my other scrapbooks when I'm finished working on it.) and decided to stick them all in the Stanley Fat Max art cart.

Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 1


Here's a quick Instagram video I did of how it is functioning...


I love that this cart has so many built in sections and dividers and that it also has some extra dividers you can add in if you need them.  I'll show you each section, starting with the top of the cart and work my way down so you can see how much storage space it has.

Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 2

Layer 1 has a tray that can be lifted out and then there's a lot of room under it for storage. The top tray I'm using for miscellaneous tools, adhesives, etc. I'm storing my 4" x 6" cards, doodads, and mini alphabets in the hidden storage.
Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 2


Layer 2, the middle section, is where I'm keeping my 3" x 4" cards. I have them separated in rows by journaling lines, grid, and designed cards.
Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 2


Layer 3, the bottom layer, is big enough to hold my working album, 12" x 12" papers, extra plastics, and plenty of ephemera! 
Stanley Fat Max Art Storage Cart With Wheels 2


I think this will be perfect to keep downstairs so I can work on Project Life while watching TV and then since it has wheels I can take it to crops too. It's my perfect organization solution!


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