Scan N Cut: Wall Decor
Happy New Year! Time for a new Art Journal!

Life and Inking Paper Edges

After a great Christmas I'm gearing up for the New Year.  Changes are a plenty for our family...we moved at the beginning of December and then went away for a vacation before actually unpacking, so now I'm digging through boxes to find what we need and attempting to start unpacking while working on projects for CHA.  -It's a bit crazy.

  ! Beach Dogs

We've also had some heartbreaking news about our beloved Nola dog. She was recently diagnosed with mast cell cancer. When we returned from our vacation found a softball size tumor on her chest and immediately took her to the vet.  She was started on antibiotics and the following morning went in to have it had almost doubled in size.  Thankfully the vet was able to get clear margins around the tumor and send it off for pathology...which later revealed that it was cancer.  She's currently happy and spunky, in fact if she wasn't wearing her T-shirt and socks you'd never even guess that she her underside has the Frankenstein look going on.  We're meeting with an oncologist soon to see what meds she will need to be on to make the rest of her time happy and pain free.

Dog Socks


Lastly I got an email recently from a new scrabooker. She asked what "inking the edges" meant and so I quickly through together this super short cell phone video showing how I do it, you can watch it below or here. (PS - Don't judge my lack of's been a long day and I'm about ready to hit the hay!)


So new scrapbookers, let me know if you have any other questions I can help you out with. Some times crafty stuff is a bit overwhelming and I'd love to help.  ;)