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Good Health Giveaway!!!

Back in 2009 I had lower spine surgery to correct my herniated discs...not a fun period in my life, however I am very, very, very thankful for the ThermaCare®  wraps I used then and I still use today....which made me very happy that they wanted to sponsor a giveaway here on my blog!  ThermaCare®, has advanced technology that is designed to deliver effective relief and promotes healing, so you don’t have to worry about pain anymore. Say goodbye to pain and hello to healing!

ThermaCare Giveaway
My favorite products is the ThermaCare® HeatWraps...I totally lived in them back then! ThermaCare® is designed to work differently.  Unlike other topical pain relievers, ThermaCare® HeatWraps have patented heat cells that penetrate deep to the source of pain for long-lasting pain relief + faster healing. Therapeutic heat soothes, relaxes and unlocks tight muscles & joints for up to 16 hours of relief.  While the patented heat cells send heat deep into the tissue to increase blood flow and accelerate healing.

They also just came out with ThermaCare® Cold Wraps which are designed with TargetTemp Insulation TechnologyTM to deliver a constant, comfortable cold so you can wear them continuously.  Giving you effective relief without the icy shock that’s often accompanied by traditional ice packs.  ThermaCare® Cold Wraps can be reused and refrozen for up to ten times. 

And in more ThermaCare® news, they have launched a Wheel of Heal Facebook game and contest for the chance to win ThermaCare coupons, instant prizes and a Hot or Cold Relief Getaway! The Grand prizes include HOT vacations to Marco Island, Napa Valley or Santa Cruz, or COLD escapes to Mt. Ranier, Anchorage and Banff, Canada! Through out the rest of the year you can visit for your chance to play – and win!

Ok, here's the scoop on how you can win the ThermaCare® relief giveaway package which will include:

  • Samples of ThermaCare HeatWraps and ThermaCare Cold Wraps® – constant, comfortable relief for sore muscles and joints 
  • Hot / Cold Coffee mug – to kick back and relax with a warm (or cold!) treat 
  • Hot / Cold Gel Eye Mask – for those nights when you just need a little extra TLC 


Enter to win here:

(Need help on how to enter? Watch this video.)


Sponsor: ThermaCare/Ketchum