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I made a Blurb book! (And you can too!!)

BLURB - Summer 2012 Cover
A few weeks ago, I was offered an early bird trial of Blurb's NEW Designer Photo Book Templates, and I of course said "Yes!" Now that I have my finished product in front of me, I'd like to share how fun and easy it was to create this beautiful looking photo album! If you have recently taken a fun family trip or want to remember a great birthday party, head over to Blurb and create one of their new Designer Books using the coupon code DESIGNMYBOOK and receive 20% off your order! You can thank me later!

BLURB - Summer 2012 Inside1
As you may remember, my eldest niece spent a good chunk of her summer with us last year...which resulted in tons of photos, and a lot of them were Instagram ones.  Now while I've been meaning to scrapbook the photos, I just had been busy and hadn't got around to them yet.  Which is why I was super excited to try the new template on Blurb out!  

It was SO easy, to get started you just click on the option you want...

...and then you're good to go.  If you're using photos from Social Media sites it will have you log into them so it can grab your photos off of there for you  otherwise you can load them from your computer.  Then you can either have blurb plop them into the templates, or you can choose which photo goes where & what else you want on the page.  It's totally customizable!  

I did it quick and didn't add any words so it's just photos.  Nice and minimalist!

BLURB - Summer 2012 Inside2

Go HERE and get started on yours right now!  Remember to use coupon code DESIGNMYBOOK and receive 20% off your order!