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I love washi tape!

It's no secret, I love washi tape!

Washi Tape Lover
That's why I'm really excited about this new product that Lifestyle Crafts just came out with called "Shape 'N Tape"'s like sheets of washi paper...6" x 12" sheets!! Woo-hoo, can you say die-cut?!



I made a quick Vine app video about it....if you look me up over there you can see it, just search for "ErinBassett" or watch it from your computer here.

And here's a quick follow up video for those of you who are not on the Vine app....

So go check it out here and remember to use coupon code "ERIN" for 20% off!


Sponsor: Lifestyle Crafts


Surviving post CHA

I went to the CHA winter tradeshow last week and had a blast. I worked the ZIG-Kuretake booth and taught a doodling fun!!! I also networked and did all the other fun CHA designer & blogger stuff. And, somewhere along the way I picked up germs and have been sick ever since.  :(


ZIG-Kuretake CHA-W 2013 Workshop
I actually remembered to snap a photo before my workshop started!



ZIG-Kuretake CHA-W 2013 Workshop
Part of the wall I colored in the booth - this flower was almost as big as my head.


Let me back up. First off, I drove home from CHA and of course it took twice as long since there was traffic, and then when I got there my husband was outside with our dogs. Our oldest dog, Granola...we call her Nola, was super lethargic and when I looked at her I knew something was wrong. Really wrong. The right side of her face was sagging and drooling and her neck was swollen with a mass it. Of course since it was after hours we had to go to our emergency vet (our animals never have emergencies at normal business hours!)...where we spent hours having her tested, x-rayed, ect.  Fun times. Long story short, she stayed there two nights and ended up having surgery on the second day to remove the mass on her neck, a small mass on her knee, and one on her eyelid that we were scheduled to remove the next week.  

She now looks like Frankenstein. I'll definitely spare you the photos, but trust me it's NOT pretty...but she feels a lot better. And surprisingly all the staples and stitches don't seem to be bothering her (yet). And even better, the vet called and said that the pathology came back and everything was benign. The one on her neck had abscessed, but they were able to remove all of it, so they don't suspect it will cause her problems in the future. Thank the Lord too, since the whole shebang was a pretty penny! My Hubs now says she's an actual Golden Retriever, meaning she's made out of gold! LOL.

In more dog news, our puppy Willow just turned 5 months old.  She's the best puppy! Very obedient and fun to have around. She's  quirky though...she keeps turning her beds inside out so that she sleeps on the smooth side instead of the "fur". She does it with the pad in her crate too. So weird, but I've stopped trying to fix it!


Willow Dog 5 months
Willow, 5 months old.   -   Why she keeps flipping her bed inside out I don't know. She also has bigger beds to sleep on, but likes this one!

Hope all is well with you!  I have a lot of exciting things coming up blog wise so make sure you either follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to my newsletter to keep up with everything.

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More Love Notes!

The other day I shared with you a Valentine's Day card I made using the  new Love Notes dies from Lifestyle Crafts...well today I'm going to share a couple of cute little something somethings. You know, things that you might leave on someones desk, or hand to a neighbor, or friend.  It's just a little thing that shows you're thinking of them.  People need the reminders these days.

Ok, so first up is the Heart Box dies...

Heart Box - Erin Bassett

I only used two of the dies for this box, but I just loved it's simple cuteness with out adding anything else.  Also, imagine that the tiny staple that's on the heart is really two tiny staples shaped like an X.  I ran out of staples and can't find the box of refills anywhere in my studio.  Hate when that happens.

Ok, now here's how it looks when you open it up...see how the to sides of the heart have a notch in them so when you put them together they interlock? It keeps you little treat inside.  :)  Total cuteness.  
Heart Box - Erin Bassett

Ok, so while we're imagining stuff...imagine a yummy chocolate heart in, not this digital one, a real one.  ;)  It would be cute!
Heart Box - Erin Bassett

Now let's move on.  Next up is the Valentine's Matchbook dies.

Valentine Matchbook - Erin BassettNow I used all the dies in this set...and I even used the main matchbook die twice so that I could use multiple papers on it instead of having it all one paper like the first project.

So I cut out the matchbook part twice, trimmed the heart part off of the yellow polka-dot paper and adhered just the matchbook part of the yellow paper to the front of the heart paper matchbook so that it looked like this:

Valentine Matchbook - backside - Erin Bassett
This time it's the little heart part that interlocks it cute! I die-cut out the little heart from the set out of book paper and added that to it too.
Valentine Matchbook - Erin BassettAnd then on the inside I put a puppy pic!  I printed it on my Selphy ES40 using the bordered, 2-up, black & white settings and then use the insert die that comes in the set to cut it out to be the perfect size for the matchbook.  I then just added the green scallop doodle using a ZIG Millinium pen and a new product (that's coming out soon!!) which just happens to have some sparkle in it although I didn't photograph it that well.
Valentine Matchbook - Erin Bassett

For that doodled heart I just put down the tiny heart die from the set and sprayed some Glimmer Mist over it.  Since the dies are metal the excess spray mist just wipes right off of them with a towle.  Once the spray ink was dry I just doodled around it.  I then added a couple of hearts that I die-cut with the same die and a little bit of stamping.  

Valentine Matchbook - Erin Bassett

Go check out the other awesome NEW designs over at Lifestyle Crafts, and remember you get 20% off when you use coupon code "ERIN"!





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Love Notes!

How are you doing? Are you ready to move on towards Valentine's Day?  Or are you still getting over the holidays?  I'm a bit of both!  I've taken down our Christmas decor...well, except for the outside lights.  I actually like the extra light they give when I take the dogs out at night so now I'm trying to figure out what extra lighting to put up so I can see out there once I take them down.  Any ideas for renters?

Well, it's not a secret that Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, so I was really happy to get to work with some of the new Love Notes dies from Lifestyle have to go check them out!!!  There are so many cute ones it's hard to decide! {Remember you get 20% off when you use coupon code: "ERIN"...woo-hoo!}

Today I'm sharing with you a card I made with the Heart Insert Die.

Me and You Valentine Card - Erin Bassett

To make it I just ran the die and a piece of older Crate Paper Valentine's paper through my die-cut machine, the Epic 6. (All of the Lifestyle Crafts dies work in the leading die-cut machines.)

Next I removed it from the machine and trimmed my paper down fit on my card.  Next I die-cut the arrow die that comes with the Heart Box set, and wove it through the hearts on the piece I die-cut previously.
Me and You Valentine Card - Erin Bassett

Lastly I added a few more cute embellishments, also from Crate Paper.
Me and You Valentine Card - Erin Bassett
Whew, one Valentine's Day card done...a few more to go!