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December 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  (insert the sound of one of those crazy, loud party horns here)

Christmas 2012I hope you had a fantastic holiday time with your family and friends. We had a great time, busy, but not too busy to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas....Jesus' birth, our salvation, the love of our family and friends.

I've been crafting and baking away over the holidays, and since I'm a firm believer in taking time for my family, I've held off on blogging about every little detail here.  And frankly, I just needed a little break! If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, etc you probably have a pretty good idea of a lot of the things I've been up to anyway LOL.

I've also been crocheting a lot at night when we're just relaxing, or watching a Elf (one of my faves!!!)  I hope to get photos edited of those projects sooner or later and I'll post all about them here on my blog...and to tide you over here's a photo of my niece wearing her new hat I made her.  :)  She's adorable!

Kaela - Crochet Baby Hat with Flower
Here's the pattern I went off of for it.  I'm loving how it turned out and that I had the perfect button in my stash to add to the flower's center!  

 And here's how the hat looks off her precious little head.  

Crochet Baby Hat with Flower2
Crochet Baby Hat with Flower1

Lastly, before I go I wanted to share with you a few things I want you to know.

1. I'm so blessed to have you all in my life!  It's truly fun to chat with you online and I always love whenever we meet up in person!  (So if you see me out and about say hi!!)

2. Just a reminder that the True Scrap 4 classes are now available individually!  So treat yourself!!  Speaking of classes, I'll be teaching a workshop at CHA this year, and also at 21 Secrets of Art Journaling 2013 online this next year!  So excited!!

3. If you letterpress...Lifestyle Crafts is having a 50% off sale!!  Use coupon code "ERIN" for an additional 20% off your order of anything on their site (even non-letterpress stuff)!!




Sweet Little Christmas Trees

Frosted Christmas Tree


The other day my niece and I did one of the things my class loved to do when I was teaching pre-school...make Christmas Trees! They are WAY easier then making gingerbread houses, so the teacher little ones don't get frustrated by them.

Here's what you need:

 * sugar cones (for ice-cream)

 * green frosting

 * candy to decorate with (we used holiday colored m&m's, pull n' peel licorice, tiny marshmallows, and sprinkles.)




The hardest part is really the first step, frost the ice-cream cone.  Depending on the age of the kids, you may have to help.  Also, to keep your tree from falling over it's helpful to put some frosting on the plate to anchor the tree to.

Frosted Christmas Tree 2

They love pulling the licorice apart!
Frosted Christmas Tree 2

Ignore all my dirty dishes...we were baking stuff too.  ;)
Frosted Christmas Tree 2
Frosted Christmas Tree 2Fun stuff!
Frosted Christmas Tree 2



Crocheting Away Gifts & Photoshop Elements 11 Winner

With Christmas coming up I've been working on some crochet projects in "my spare time" (which is basically any time I'm not working on CHA & other projects LOL).  

Since this is a gift I can't reveal it all yet, but here's a little peek that I shared on my Instagram feed:

CrochetI have some other things I'm crocheting as well, but I can't share those yet.  ;)


Speaking of do you store your left over yarn?

If there's not much left I re-roll my ball and then tag it with the type and color like this:

Bernat Teal Twist LeftoverI would really like to know what you do with your leftovers...leave me a comment below telling me.



Also, we have a winner for the Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 random giveaway!

Congrats Debby, you're going to have so much fun! Check out the photo of her grandson that she submitted:

Debbie's pic

Thanks everyone for submitting your photos and layouts, I'm having fun going through them and checking them out!



Look Who's Teaching!

21SECRETS_2013-LARGEI am SOOOOOoooooo excited to be included in the awesome list of teachers for the next 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop!

The ladies that are teaching are ultra-talented and have some fabulous classes that I can't wait to tell you about later!  You can see who else is teaching here, and I will share more class info as soon as I can, but until then here's what you need to know:

-The cost is super low for this many awesome teachers!  It's only $59!

-Registration opens in January 2013.

-The workshops begin April 1, 2012!

-YOU are going to love it!! 


Digi-Scrapping: Willow Our Puppy

For those of you who haven't heard, we got a puppy. Totally unplanned, which is SO not us.

We had actually been looking at middle-aged rescue dogs online for a few month and never found the right situation when low and behold we got a phone call from a family member...and the rest was history! ;)

It's funny how she's really not any of the things we were looking for, and yet she is exactly what we needed.  She fits in great with our older dog, and our cat is coming around to liking tolerating her.

She's an Australian Labradoodle in case you're wondering, and she's a "throwback"...which means that she got some of the recessive genes that are "undesirable" in this breed.  Like the face shape, the straighter hair, possum tail, etc.  We think she's cute!

Here's my first scrapbook page I've made.  I used pics from the first couple of days with us. She was so tiny then!

Willow 10 wks
Willow 10 wksSupplies: Digi Kits - Be Cool, Be You by Mye De Leon, Hello, Goodbye by Michelle Godin; Template - Vintage Angles by Amy Martin; Font - Courier





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