Yes, it's a heatwave and I'm knitting.
And just like that summer is over!

Making Snazzy Pencils For Back-To-School

Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Pencils


With it being back-to-school time already I got to thinking about how much I love a good, standard, old-school  pencil! And I like them even more when they look cool, so I embellished mine!  I shared how I did it over on the Faber-Castell blog, so go check it out! They would be awesome to make with your kid's name on them!


Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Pencils 4


Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Pencils 5



Also, I wanted to give you a head's up that True Scrap 4 will be taking October 19 - 20 online.  Get on the mailing list now so you'll know when more info is available! 


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