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A Look: Out My Window™

Outmywindow erin
I was recently asked to check out this new site/app for photo sharing and I do have to say that it's pretty cool.  Now, you guys know that when ever I review anything here on my blog I always give my honest opinion, well this is no exception.

B97af5fcf0_Out My Window Marketplace photo

When I went to the Out My Window™ website I wanted to see what made it different then the other photo sharing sites and apps that are out there already.  One of my favorite features is that YOU control who sees your pics...which is perfect for this worried-about-sharing-kid-pics-online lady.  :)  I also like that it's really easy to use and that it sets up the organization of your photos, which always seems like the tedious part of photography to me.


Other benefits to the site/app are: 

  • You can set up a FREE account here or get the iphone app here
  • You can link & import photos from social media
  • It's easy to share photos with family & friends, and the great thing is the photos can be easily downloaded by them.


And the limits are:

  • At this time it's only for photos, not video
  • You have a limit of 5GB of storage space...which really is a lot of space for free!


So go check out Out My Window™ online here, and in iTunes here.


Disclaimer: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'outmywindow™ and have been compensated by them.