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Art Journaling Catch Up

I've mentioned it before that I don't usually post every project I create here on my blog, especially my art journaling.  It's mostly because I create stuff just about daily and I'd need a personal assistant to take photos, edit them, & help me blog about them...she could also do some laundry.  :)  Well, since I don't have that assistant, you're getting a "catch up" post today of just a few of my recent art journaling pages!

This first one was inspired by a photo Margie posted on Instagram.  I saved it to my phone when I saw it since I wanted to do this with it:

ErinBassett - Art Journal US
I used my favorite ampersand mask with some Glimmer Mist for the background.  I wanted the ampersand to stand out a bit more so I thought I'd hand stitch around it...but after I poked all the holes I liked it just like that, so I left it.  Less is more.  :)

ErinBassett - Art Journal US2


This next one is a bit abstract for me...which I love.  It's one of the ones I did after watching Dina's class at 21 Secrets.  I did it in my 11" x 15" journal.

ErinBassett - Art Journal Hug


Here's a closer looks like the start of a hug to me.  :)

ErinBassett - Art Journal Hug


This one is also done at 11" x15"'s not 100% done, but I thought I'd share it anyways.  
ErinBassett - Art Journal Hug

 That's it for today!!  Happy creating!