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Another Doodle!




I spent my day babysitting my niece and nephew today and during nap time I doodled this:


Erin Bassett - Doodle


I used a ZIG Millennium pen, a Zig water-brush, and Koi watercolors...I may add some shading or a boarder later, but for now I'm happy with it.  :)



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I whipped up some handmade letterpress cards!

Erin Bassett - Letterpress - Everyday Thanks Aqua5

So, you know how when there's something new you want to do & you get really excited about it...and get everything you need for it...and plan what you're going to do...and then get busy and don't do it?  --Oh, am I the only one that does that????  


Well, I've finally got around to busting out my letterpress and one of my favorite letterpress plate patterns and cranked out a few cards.  -What the heck took me so long to do that?  It was so much easier then I thought it would be.  In fact, I'll make a video soon to show you how easy it the meanwhile, check out my cards:

Erin Bassett - Letterpress - Everyday Thanks Aqua2
Erin Bassett - Letterpress - Everyday Thanks Aqua6


Ok, and now some great news for me & you!!  

I have loved the products that Lifestyle Crafts creates for quite awhile now & have bought a bunch of it myself to use for crafting (like everything I used for the cards above & more!)...and I'm happy to announce that now I'm an affiliate for them! (-Did you even know you could buy directly from them???)   So the good news for you is that you now get 20% off your order from them by putting in the code "ERIN" at checkoutWoo-hoo!! 


Sponsor: Lifestyle Crafts


More Doodling


Doodle Main

I spent my down time this weekend doing some more doodling in an art journal...



Doodle 4


Doodle 4


Doodle 4


Doodle 4


For all of the pages I used my favorite black pens, the Zig Millennium and PITT pens...and then, for the ones with color, I painted them with Koi watercolors.


And I guess doodling takes a lot out of a girl since I'm sick today.  :(




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Inspired Doodling

I've been doodling and doodling...


Erin Bassett - Doodle Letters 1
Supplies: Black Pens: Zig & Faber-Castell; Watercolor pencils: Faber-Castell


Erin Bassett - Doodle Letters 1
Supplies: Black pens: Zig & Faber-Castell


Erin Bassett - Doodle Letters 1
Supplies: Black Pens: Zig & Faber-Castell; Watercolor pencils: Faber-Castell; Colored Markers - Zig


Erin Bassett - Doodle Letters 1
Supplies: Black Pens: Zig & Faber-Castell

It's been fun to get back into doing lettering!  Thanks Joanne for the inspirational class!  -You know what? I love to take art classes...I think of it like when I was teaching kids and we had to take continuing education hours each year.  -People need to hone their skills!  Artists need to hone their skills!  Even in "subjects" you know a lot about it's great to see how other people create...and in "new subjects" it's of course great to see how it's done!

Speaking of classes, if you've taken True Scrap classes previously look for your alumni email for the upcoming True Scrap 3 where you lucky ducks get to enroll at a very special should get an email from Lain by 2/15.  Want a peek at what to expect?  Check it out here.  If you're new to True Scrap you can sign up to get on the mailing list here so that you will be informed of the latest news AND will receive a special offer!  It's going to be so much fun, you won't want to miss it!

I will be teaching again at True Scrap 3 and will be sharing more about my mixed media home decor class in the upcoming weeks....and sneak peeks at the projects as well.  Can't wait!!


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Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

It's hard to believe it's that time of year already...but it's time to show your family and friends a little extra love this week!

Here's some of my projects I've created previously for the occasion...just click on the photos to go to the original article...


Valentine Card
Valentine Card


Valentine Card - Bowling
Valentine Card

Valentine Gift Topper
Valentine Gift Topper

Valentine Altered Chocolate Box
Valentine Altered Chocolate Box

Valentine Shirt
Valentine T-Shirt (using the Yudu Screen Printer)

Valentien Croched Heart
Valentine Heart - Crocheted

Valentine pillow
Valentine Pillow



Also, make sure you check out these fun Valentine's Day ideas from Pinterest...


 Hearts and  Valentines Board - Pinterest




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