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Handmade Valentine's Pillow

Handwriting on stuff is very trendy these days.  If you look on Pinterest there's a ton of tutorials on how people have made everything from scarves to home decor items with messy handwriting one them.  Often it's black lettering on a white background, but sometimes it's reversed like on my sunglass case.  -Which I wish I could write like.  ;)


Kensie Eyeware Case

So I went with that idea and wrote my own paraphrased version of 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 over, and over, and over again with a ZIG Textile Fabric Marker on to a white piece of fabric.

Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow - CloseUp2


The easiest way I found to write on fabric is to actually pin it to my ironing board so that it doesn't wrinkle or move when I'm writing. 

Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow - CloseUp3
Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow - CloseUp5


When I was finished writing I ironed it so that the ink would be permenantly set into the fabric.  Then I added a heart shaped piece of fabric to it and sewed it and a plain white piece of fabric into a pillow.

Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow - CloseUp1

And here's how it turned out!


Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow

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