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My Dog's Obsession: Angry Birds Dog Toys

Christmas came a bit early for our pets...thank you Hartz for sending us some Angry Birds dog and cat toys. To say my pets like them is an understatement! 

Erin Bassett - Hertz - Angry Bird Dog Toys2
From the moment we opened the package, our dog was nuts about them.  Especially the Angry Birds Plush Piglet.  And when the sound chip goes off and it makes that well know laughing pig sound she dances around with it and growls at it.  It's hilarious to watch.

Erin Bassett - Hertz - Angry Bird Dog Toys1
Erin Bassett - Hertz - Angry Bird Dog Toys1

Our cat loves the Angry Birds - Birds Gone Crazy Cat Toy too!  She's batting them all around the house!

Erin Bassett - Hertz - Angry Bird Cat Toys1


There are a lot of different Angry Birds pet toys to choose from, you can check them all out HERE, and purchase them on Amazon HERE.


Disclaimer: I received products from Hartz/Golin Harris