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Crocheting Away!

If you're a family member stop reading right now.  Yep, just click away.  No peeking at the handmade gifts I'm sharing below, ok?

And for a buffer from eyes that shouldn't see this post, I'll post this photo of my niece I took last month.  Isn't she cute?  :)  Ok, friends....scroll on down!

Mak - 11-2011
Ok, now onto what's been keeping me busy at night!  

I've been crocheting up a storm.  I made a bunch of gift card-igans...get it? card-igans!  :)

Erin Bassett - Crochet - Gift Card Holder3

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I altered the design from this pattern I found on Ravelry so that it would be the right size for gift cards. The great thing is that I had everything on hand already and I got to dig through my button stash to finish them off.  I think I'm going to make a few more before Christmas just in case I need them at the last minute.

Erin Bassett - Crochet - Gift Card Holder2
I also made a few scarfs for some people I's one of my favorites.  Modeled by Nola the dog since she was the only one home with me to do the job and she works cheap.  ;)

Erin Bassett - Crochet - Scarf1

Erin Bassett - Crochet - Scarf2
What handmade projects are you making this holiday season?  Are the children in your life making any?  I'll share some that I did with my niece later this week!!