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Planning Ahead: A Thanksgiving Craft Project

How does your family express graditude at Thanksgiving (or really any time of year?)  We've done a lot of different ideas over the last year we did Becky's idea at Thanksgiving dinner and it turned out cute....wish I could find a photo of how it turned out, but I've searched and searched & can't find it.  :(

This year I have another idea.  I made this little folder to hold tags that state what we are greatful for this year.  Since we're going to a big family & friends dinner this year I'll probably just have my imediate family do it.

Erin Bassett - Thankful Tags 1

So once you open it up, it looks like this...


Erin Bassett - Thankful Tags 4

And here's a peek at the tags...

Erin Bassett - Thankful Tags 9

You can download the instructions on how to make it here, and the printable for the actual shipping tag is here.  

Erin Bassett - Thankful Tags 6

Also, stop by the Imaginisce blog to see some other 60 minute projects some of the DT created. 


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