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Using up scraps on a canvas

I saw this quote on Good Reads and knew I wanted to use it on some project sooner or later.  So when I got a design team assignment where I need to use a random assortment of Wendy's Art Parts and the leftover scraps from this project, I remembered the quote...and this is what I came up with:

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Erin Bassett - Art Parts - Echo Park - Canvas

Originally I was going to leave the canvas white and use the white letters on it like all those art pieces on Pinterest...but then I decided that if the house was going to be in color then then rest of the piece probably should be too....but that I'd leave it simple and clean instead of getting too artsy with it.

I adhered the scrap paper onto the Art Part pieces with Mod Podge and then whitewashed them to tone them down a bit.  Once all the individual pieces were dry I just glued them together and then added a few embellishments like the punched hearts (stapled together with the Tiny Attacher) and the resin keyhole.

Erin Bassett - Art Parts - Echo Park - Canvas


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