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Introducing Siblings

Everyone was really excited to see how my niece would react to her new baby brother coming home from the hospital and being able to see her Mom again since she was gone for 4 days having the c-section & recovering. 

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BLOG Erin Bassett - SS - Temp 3 Sept - Studio Calico

She was super happy to see Mom...she got a huge surprise look on her face when she saw her...which of course made Mom start to cry and I was doing everything in my power to suck it up and not start bawling watching them.

She was also really curious about what her Dad was carrying in that car seat and was so gentle and timid with touching her new brother.  It was cute to watch!

She did have a bit of a melt down after awhile though...it was past her nap time and she was a bit confused about why Mom couldn't pick her up and what was going on with the baby.  Thankfully she got her nap and they are all now working at trying to help her deal with not being the sole center of attention....overall I'd say it's going pretty well!  (You should hear the horror stories my parents tell of when my brother came home...I was not a happy camper to say the least!)

BLOG Erin Bassett - SS - Temp 3 Sept - Studio Calico

Again for this layout I used one of the Simple Scrapper September sketches.  Love those! It makes it so easy to get started.  I also the Studio Calico kit "Boardwalk" for 99% of the layout. I think the only thing that didn't come in the kit was the tiny staples and tissue tape LOL.

BLOG Erin Bassett - SS - Temp 3 Sept - Studio Calico


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